Disruptive Business Model: Bangladeshi Perspective (Chapter 1)

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  • Author Md. Mufad Haidary
  • Published October 13, 2021
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The world is continuously changing But the core benefit remains the same. Though the presentation of the product or service has changed and more development is going on. Once Letter was the only means of business communication but now businesses are using email as it is more efficient than the previous mediums. Technology has shifted the production paradigm and the way it was used. Now, we are going to know about some disruptive business models in Bangladesh.

  1. Pathao: Replaced traditional private transportation hassles

Think of a situation where you need to show up for a job interview and you have no option left but CNG or TAXI. So when you go for a CNG or TAXI that CNG or TAXI uncle asks for unfair fare and sometimes he may refuse to go to your desired place. At that time it’s not easy for everyone to control his or her temper. Again, Maybe you are going to visit a relative’s place but due to the CNG drivers, you wasted your half to one hour standing in the street. This was annoying and frustrating. And this was happening till 2015. And at last, in mid-2016, Pathao decided to introduce on-demand motorcycle rides. Pathao came for the rescue. Pathao is a ridesharing company that has mainly followed the “ disruptive business model”. So how it works? First, install the Pathao app on a smartphone and create an online Pathao account. If you need a ride, use the app to tell pathao about your pickup location(The GPS of your smartphone will help in this case). And within few minutes your ride will wait for you next to your home. It saves your time and energy and gifted you hassle-free transportation service.

  1. BKash: Replaced the traditional money transferring system

In early times transferring money from one place to another was very challenging. But now it is just a matter of touch. And this is made possible by Bkash which is a subsidiary of Brac Bank. Where Less than 15% of Bangladeshis are connected to the formal banking system whereas over 68% have mobile phones. (bkash) Bkash has gained tremendous popularity in Bangladesh in a short time. So how it works? Very simple you can open a bkash account against your phone number and do your transaction with other accounts from anywhere. This has made a revolution in Bangladesh both business and individuals enjoying its benefit.

In this article, I have tried to introduce you to Pathao and Bkash. In the upcoming articles, I will elaborate on their business model, business strategy, and other factors. I will not make you wait for long, till then stay safe and give time to your loved ones.

The writer has 2+ years of experience in managing a business portfolio and played major roles in developing a customer base, sales volume, and brand visibility while working as a Portfolio and Product Development Officer at a reputed private commercial bank. Previously, served as a Brand Marketing Intern of Marico Bangladesh Limited under Impact 90 program where contributed to develop marketing strategy for consumer care products.

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