Odd Baseball Rules You May Not Be Aware Of

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  • Published November 9, 2021
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Baseball is one of America’s favorite pastimes. Although football and basketball are worthy rivals, baseball’s timeless uniforms, chants, and stadium food continue to stand the test of time and join fans together. However, even with the baseball cults found across the country, there are still some unknown facts about the sport. Continue reading to discover a few of the odd baseball rules you may not be aware of.

Umpires Cannot Acknowledge Players or Fans

Although fans may yell all they want at these individuals, umpires cannot respond to any of the disagreement or agreement with their calls unless speaking with a coach. Some may find this to be lonely since the umpire stands right next to the players and fans but cannot acknowledge them. However, this career obviously has its rewards and is a perfect fit for the right individuals, or else they would not have pursued it.

Catchers’ Interference

If you’ve ever played as a catcher on a baseball team, then you can relate to the intimidating feeling of having a baseball soaring 80 miles per hour or higher straight towards your face. Although you have lots of protective gear, it does not take the adrenaline away. But the ball is not the only thing catchers have to worry about. One rule that fans may not be aware of is that if a batter hits the catcher, it is deemed the catcher’s fault for interfering with the bat. As odd as it may seem, this rule has been followed religiously in the sport of baseball for several years.

Dirty Baseballs Get Replaced Mid-Game

Have you ever attended a game and wondered why players are so quick to throw a baseball up to their fans? Don’t they need that ball for the game, and aren’t they wasting a perfectly good ball? However, this may have little to do with baseball players wanting to please their adoring fans and more to do with an odd rule. What fans may not realize is that baseballs need to be replaced if they get dirty. As one can imagine, it is very easy for a baseball to grow dirty in a sport that is played on grass and dirt. Therefore, most professional baseball games go through a large number of baseballs, counting it no cost to toss one into the stands.

Although some of these rules may seem odd, they are an essential backbone in keeping the game running smoothly. Without these rules, the sport wouldn’t be what it is today, and as OCD as some of the rules may seem, they play an essential role in the overall order of baseball.

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