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The pandemic has changed the dynamics of product procurement and sale. Due to this online sales are at an all time high. With the absence of a real brick and mortar store and high return, FBA charges how can one be sure that the product showcasing is perfect? The solution is to resort to professional product photography for the product. We need to make sure that the product images truly represent the actual product for sale.

This calls for a product photography studio which is geared with high end photography camera, lenses and immense knowledge of lights.

With online shopping just at the click of a button, it is almost impulse buying. The decision is taken within a few minutes while on the product listing. Also with millions of sellers selling the same product for varied pricing, it is imperative to satisfy this buying urge in the form of providing all information of the product to the buyer via the product imagery.

Here we discuss the DOs and the DONT's for the best product image which can satisfy the buyers buying impulses.

The DOs

  • Make sure the camera lenses are of professional nature. This allows to capture the details of the product in its Hero shot. It also allows for white balance capability which is the pre-requisite for Amazon main image.

  • Alternate product image- Show case the product at various angles in order to show all sides of the product. With the absence of a physical product in hand, this shot can showcase the product at various angles and all its sides.

  • Information bases images- These are called product infographics. With less time at hand, buyers would not essentially read the product specifications. The information gathered via visual means is more powerful than the text reading. Add all possible information of the product on this image. There can be 2 infographics in each product listing allowing to showcase the various aspects of the product, its usability and assembly.

  • Dimension shot- This is very important photo. Add the exact dimensions of the product on this shot and if possible showcase a relative item near it. This relativity helps the buyer get a general idea of the size of the product.

-Lifestyle photo- Spice up the listing with a lifestyle photo of the product in use. Some times professional photographers create high end composites using stock imagery and inserting the product in to it. This can be easily achieved by shooting the product in perspective and superimposing it on to a great stock image. This does require for an advance photography and graphics skill set. Make sure the studio has this capacity.

  • Keep photos simple, crisps and clean.

The DONT's-

  • Avoid using phone cameras. They do not provide the megapixels to capture the details of the product. Some photographers claim to shoot high resolution photos but with phone cameras which lack the details

  • Do not add too many details on the infographic shot. This makes the product look too technical.

  • Add the correct dimensions of the product without adding extra inches to them. This can lead to negative feedback.

  • Do not add unnecessary props. If the props are not included with the product, make sure to mention this on the images. For eg- Phone holders do not come along with phones, but still have to be showcased with one. In such a case make sure to point out the fact that phones are not included.

Buyers sometimes get confused with this and places an order assuming that the props are included at the pricing of the Amazon listing.

  • Spare the comparison chart. Do not compare your product with the similar product sellers. This can create a huge unnecessary trouble. Also there isn't any way to prove that your product is better than your competitor as the customer will tell this for a fact after usage and review.

  • Lifestyle photos of the product should be relatable. Do not show a product not meant for children on a kid model or children stock images. Know the product limits and abide by them.

By following the proper Dos and DONT's it will the whole product listing process will be easy and successful at the first go. This will also help with zero returns due to conflicting product information. The success journey begins with such professional photography and ends with a five star client review.

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