5 Wedding Cake Trends 2022 Brings

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  • Published February 18, 2022
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5 Wedding Cake Trends 2022 Brings

Have you ever seen a wedding without a beautiful cake? While fashion is constantly changing, wedding cake is one party component that’s here to stay. These days, it seems that you can choose any wedding cake design, color, or texture. Talented dessert artisans from all over the world are constantly learning new decoration techniques, while creating top-level cake masterpieces.

A traditional all-white wedding cake is a lovely choice. But you should be aware that there’s a treasure trove of other options that will reflect your couple’s unique personality with accuracy and brilliance. Below, we’ve described some of the most charming wedding cake trends 2022 brings. Ready for this sweet exploration? Keep reading.

  1. Pressed Florals: Wonderful Simplicity & Vibrance

Due to the massive flower shortage from Covid-19 lockdowns, this year, brides tend to choose pressed florals for their wedding cake decor. This nature-inspired trend is right up your street if you’re looking to order a wedding cake for a simple yet elegant wedding celebration. Pressed flowers are available all year round. With a team of excellent florists, your wedding cake idea featuring pressed florals will be brought to life in the most sophisticated way.

  1. Separated Layers: For an Exquisitely Modern Touch

This separate-cake-tiers trend is actually a comeback from the early 90s. Separating cake tiers with visible pillars or acrylic layers instead of covering them with frosting is this year’s special ‘thing’. This trend is your best bet if you’re looking to add height and that wow-worthy effect to your wedding cake design. Your acrylic tier (also referred to as ‘divider’) can be filled with flowers or fresh fruit. Oh yes, it looks fantastic.

  1. Sugar Flowers: They’re Coming Back

Are you on the prowl for a trendy cake for your floral-themed wedding party? Opt for a gorgeous sweet creation with delicate sugar florals. Yep, fondant flowers are in style again. And they’re even more one-of-a-kind, lifelike, and gorgeous than before! Whether you prefer a just-sugar-florals design or choose to incorporate fresh or dried florals, too, the outcome is sure to add a trendy touch to the event.

  1. Unique & Outstanding: Steal Everyone’s Attention

Most modern couples prefer cakes that are everything but subtle. On the contrary, they focus on the designs that are unique and jaw-dropping. Metallic accents, unparalleled topsy turviness, stylish marble designs, breathtaking sugar textures, uneven frosting edges, unpredictable color combinations… It’s all about wedding cake trends of 2022.

  1. Detailed Cakes vs. Dessert Buffets

Today, couples often prefer wedding dessert buffets over single cakes. There’s a wide variety of options when it comes to dessert buffets. You can opt for a wedding candy bar featuring a decadent macaron tower, a sweet table with a themed bundt cake, or a dessert buffet with an incredible petit four tower centerpiece. In other words, if you’re not a cake aficionado, there are tons of trendy alternatives.

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Kate · 2 years ago
I love wedding cakes with pressed flowers. Such a refreshing, beautiful trend.

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