Effective Ways to Enhance Your Warehouse Security

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  • Published February 16, 2022
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Recently, security has taken on greater importance. Loss due to theft can be ruinous for any business. Warehouses contain special equipment and stock. They are thus a tempting target for criminals. In-house thefts plague warehouse owners worldwide. It's thus vital that you take effective security measures to protect your goods and your warehouse. It's best to always consult a 24-hour locksmith in Toronto if you want any security services for your warehouse. They will give you solutions tailored to your budgets, and your needs. Given below are some helpful ways to safeguard your warehouse's security.

Employee Identification

Many people frequent warehouses in a single day. It's thus crucial for you to identify your staff members from outsiders. Some good measures include giving your staff members a uniform to wear. You can also provide them with name badges to better differentiate them from outsiders. Another great measure is enabling your visitors to sign in, so you have a good idea of who has been on your premises. It will prevent any suspicious person from coming into your warehouse and stealing valuables.

Install Mirrors

Many warehouse owners don't realize how valuable mirrors are as a security tool. When you place convex mirrors in blind spots or areas that are out of view, it deters criminals and thieves. Mirrors are thus an excellent crime prevention tool that you should employ.

Use Motion Detection

Motion detection is regarded as the backbone of any security system. It's the feature to detect if a person is on your premises at a time when they shouldn't be. They instantly go off when the sensor gets tricked by movement. It, in turn, transmits a signal to the control panel of your security system, which then moves to the central monitoring centre. A central monitoring centre operates 24/7, thus taking care of the safety of your warehouse at all times.

Use Glassbreak Detection

A Glassbreak detector is a sensor employed in electronic burglar alarms. It detects if a glass panel is broken or shattered. It utilizes a microphone that tracks any vibrations originating from the glass. When the vibrations go beyond a specific threshold, the sensor gets triggered, and the central monitoring centre of your alarm provider will be notified. Glassbreak detection is ideal for massive warehouses with ground-level windows. In such facilities, it's difficult to keep a tab on every part of the building.

Incorporate a Building Access Control.

Building access control technology is suitable for permitting and restricting entry into your warehouse or specific areas within it. Only relevant people who have permission can encroach into your premises with a suitable building access control plan. To limit the entry points into your warehouse, you can make use of a key fob entrance or key card plan. You can integrate access control systems into various commercial security solutions, like CCTV, for greater effectiveness.

Test Your System Frequently.

It's essential to test your security systems frequently to ensure that everything is working correctly. Security experts suggest that your alarm system be tested on a weekly basis. If you neglect timely testing, you'll only increase the chances of incurring a costly theft.

Incorporate Environmental Control

To protect sensitive materials and operations, it's essential to integrate process and environmental monitoring. Environmental monitoring can indeed be a lifesaver during emergency events. It can also enhance operational efficiency and bring down expenses. It also tracks the pressure, run state, flooding, power, and alerts you of any modifications in any of these categories.

Checklist for Warehouse Safety

Different processes should be monitored and updated when required. They should assess the effectiveness of present safety precautions and recognize safety hazards. It's important to conduct regular audits to enhance warehouse security. Here is an inspection checklist covering the significant areas you need to examine in your warehouse.

Review of present safety precautions.

Assessment of company records for workplace accidents.

Evaluation of warehouse safety training program.

Implementation of safety procedures.

Assessment of storage for potential hazards.

Finding if employees are following material handling procedures.

Assessment of staff for ergonomic movement.

Posture and workload while manual transportation of goods in the warehouse.

The audits should be in compliance with Toronto's warehouse safety rules and regulations. It will ensure that your warehouse remains safe for everyone.

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