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  • Author Vicky Mcnaught-Davis
  • Published March 30, 2022
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When you are blogging for your business regularly, it is easy to forget some of the key tenets of making blog content that is well thought through. Creating consistently valuable content for your audience can be a tough gig, particularly when you have already had a long week at work! So, here is an easy 16 point checklist for you to run through to create your next successful blog post.

Your Compelling Copy Checklist

  1. Does your blog post contain relevant content and does it solve a real problem?

  2. Will your target audience want to read it?

  3. Can you make your headline more catchy and optimised for search engines?

  4. Have you positioned the brand in line with your marketing strategy?

  5. Can you include a quote or a fact from another thought leader?

  6. Did you remove any unnecessary fluff?

  7. Did you run a spell check?

  8. Did you proofread it?

  9. Did you proofread it again?

  10. Does the copy contain internal links to more of your relevant content?

  11. Have you promoted the copy via other websites and other industry leaders?

  12. Have you incorporated targeted keywords at least 2-3 times in your text?

  13. Are your keyword phrases relevant to your potential clients?

  14. Did you include keywords in your headers?

  15. Is there a call to action for your target audience?

  16. Have you scheduled a follow-up search engine analysis in two weeks to review potential ways to improve your organic traffic?

Blogging Tools That I Use

To make the process easier, you may wish to check out some more resources that I use:

SurferSEO.com - AI SEO guidance made simple to enhance your organic website traffic

quora.com - All of the questions and answers you will ever need for an informative blog

Grammarly - Your automated grammar and spelling checker

asana.com - Progress your group’s blog workflow through one platform

Organic business growth can arrive from many directions. Do not be tempted to copy others' work or use a low-grade content mill. The more regularly you blog, the easier it will become to nail down a great online marketing style and create a really good content strategy. The only way you will figure out what is working when blogging for your own website is by trial and error. So, don't be afraid to start blogging and get it wrong every now and then.

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By Vicky McNaught-Davis, Founder of KinaestheticCopy.com

Vicky McNaught-Davis founded Kinaesthetic Copy in 2021. She is a trained and published journalist who has worked in sales and media for over a decade. She has a passion for ethical business and delivering a great service for her SEO blog content and copy clients is non-negotiable. You can find her work internationally in print, online, social media and TV.

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