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“Content is the King” this is a very popular sentence in digital marketing field and content plays very important role in engagement of audience and this makes a business very popular or build trust on the business.

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience- and ultimately to drive profitable customer action. Content is not a onetime process and it does not have any end date or expiry date but it is a regular and consistent method to keep a brand value alive in the minds of customers. Content marketing cannot be done in a very casual way or any text, image or video cannot be called as a content unless and until it possess some knowledge or value for the customer so it is a time taking process and it requires lots of creativity to make content so that audience can feel the value and importance of the content and this is how it creates a brand value or trust.

There are some rules of content marketing that should be followed before making any strategy related to content marketing and they are:

Content should be in benefit for the customer as the customer is the whole sole purpose of everything so it should be create with proper assistance with the expert.

  1. Content should never emphasize on selling, it should always help the customer in further assistance.

Always thing as a Commercial Karma or we can say give knowledge for free without expecting any return because is the content if good definitely it will give return in some or the other way in near future.

Always make a plan before creating any content be it image, video, blog or anything. Content should always possess quality over quantity.

Consistency is very important in every in content to make your presence alive every day.

Always create original content no matter if it takes time to create but it should always come from the heart.

If the above rules should be followed by heart and then surely it will give value back to the business in the form of website visits, increase in social media following, increase in sales, trust building, creating brand value, increase in getting leads. But this cannot be done overnight or by one content as it takes days, months and years also to make brand value or to gain trust of customers.

Types of content :

Image- Valuable images or clicking pictures of a key process or activity is also loved by users and that images can be used in social media platforms like pinterest, fb, instagram, linkedin.

Blog- A company should post regular blogs on their website to gain the attention of the customer and it should always give some value to the customer so that customer itself like, comment and share the blog to pass on the value.

Video- The advantage of using videos in content marketing is to create authority in mind of user by using both visuals and voice together leading to better content appreciation. Video can be of any explainer of the product, based on case study, testimonials, video of demo of the product.

E-mail- Customize e-mails plays very important role in creating brand value. E-mails are the best way to create regular awareness of the brand. Regular customize and valuable e-mails should be send to the customer .

Presentation- Presentation can also be made on a particular topic and shared on social media platforms to engage audience.

Webinars- Regular webinars should be conducted to engage audience and a webinar should contain training, interview, product launches etc. so that customer never forgets existence of a business.

Content marketing requires creativity, planning and strategy before going anyway further so a proper schedule should be made for a week that how the content should be uploaded and at what time which type of content should be uploaded professionals come online at night and student can be available in afternoon also. Hence proper chart should be made that what, how and when it is to be done to make the best out of the content marketing.

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