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A safari is an outdoor activity that involves traveling a distance away from the usual residential home area for purposes of obtaining pleasure. People have different tastes and preferences for activities that give them pleasure on safari. Sole travelers love their privacy and prefer to derive pleasure from exploring alone and making their private adventures and discoveries. Other travelers move as couples on honeymoon, dating, in retirement, or for other purposes. The majority of travelers move in small nucleus groups like family, old friends, family friends, or office workmates. Other travelers find pleasure or by nature of circumstances opt for large group safaris like students on study tours, athletes on sports and games tournaments, corporate or company outdoor working retreats, and faith pilgrims amongst others. Travel companies often make enticing scheduled group safari itineraries on fixed dates to particular destinations with exciting adventure activities. Interested travelers sharing similar interests though unknown to each other join in individual or couple.

Some reasons for choosing group safaris;

A group safari is a meeting point for new people with different lifestyles but sharing similar interests.

The itinerary for group safari gives members an opportunity to make discoveries previously unknown to them

Members with limited travel budgets to explore outdoors pool resources together and fulfill their life dreams.

Group safaris attract discounts from service providers; travel, accommodation and activities. Group members get pleasure from the same safari at a discounted rate.

Corporate group safaris offer relaxation, team build, and strong bonds from a new exciting working environment

Group safari is a great way of exploring and adventuring as a team. Individuals in the group make discoveries that they share as a group

It’s a great way of exploring different environments, cultural exchange, and sharing experiences

Educational and research students get new experiences, gain knowledge, have an opportunity to share their life experiences and transfer knowledge

The excitement of group safaris arrangements entice the less interested in safari to explore outdoors

Community members with travel concerns; disabled, deaf amongst others have an opportunity of moving as a group with attentive caregivers

Uganda 236,000km2 is a locked country located in East Africa bordering DR Congo in the west, South Sudan in the north, Kenya in the east, Tanzania in the south, and Rwanda extreme southwest. Uganda; located in the African tropics rises 621m- 5,109m (Lake Albert and the tip of Ruwenzori Mountains respectively); land distance less than 100km apart. Largely plateau, Uganda island of contrasts and contradictions averages 1,100m above sea level. Uganda's astounding beauty with mesmerizing sightings stretches from landforms and land features, weather, vegetation cover, the indigenous communities’ lifestyles, mammals, birds, and other wildlife features, land, air, and marine features. Uganda is an eco-friendly country with strong support for wildlife conservation and protection and minimal mass tourism to the wildlife places. However, controlled grouping is the only possible option to access some of Uganda's wildlife tourism activities or the best option to get maximum satisfaction from safari.

Wildlife safaris;

Uganda has a very varied and rich diversity of vegetation and plant species ranging from rainforests, woodlands, wetlands, open grasslands, semi arid, and human plantation estates to open water bodies. This hosts a wide range of beautiful mammals, colorful birds, reptiles and insects, plants, and other wildlife species. A smooth network of roads traverses the entire country giving adventurers an opportunity to explore and discover wildlife species in their natural settings. Group adventurers or individuals descend into the wilderness for game viewing, Mountain gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, bird watching, rhino tracking, nature walks, hiking, and other exciting adventure expeditions.

Landforms and land features;

Uganda is a true paradise and number one true adventurers’ dream safari destination. Uganda’s wide range of eye-catching landscapes includes block mountains, rift valleys, escarpments, unique craters and crater lakes, waterfalls, hot springs, open savannas, and rainforests, among many others. True adventurers cannot resist the temptation to venture out in groups or individually, explore and make personal discoveries. In some ways, group adventuring is the only option or easiest way to get maximum pleasure from attractions. White water rafting, mountaineering, hiking, photography, and boat cruises amongst others are extremely exciting and adrenaline generating though tedious, tiring, and exhausting. Adventuring in groups gives maximum physical and psychological support, morale, pleasure, and maximum satisfaction.

Community settings;

Uganda may not be blessed with vast area coverage like other countries, but she is blessed with a rich diversity in people. Uganda has in excess of 50 tribal groupings; each one with different cultural settings. The difference is very visible in traditional social, economic, security, religious, and other activities. Each tribal group has unique homestead settings, traditional ways of taming nature for survival, tools in use, music, dance, and entertainment amongst others. Though, very different in character, Ugandan tribal groupings are warmhearted, welcoming, friendly, have mutual respect for each other, live in harmony, and are proud of Uganda. Cultural exchange group safaris explore the indigenous community lifestyles through music, songs, costumes and dressing, active participation in cultural activities, traditional sports, games, traditional rituals, and ceremonies amongst others. The members on safaris share experiences, create strong external bonds, and widen knowledge across the entire globe.

Faith tourism;

Christian missionaries first set foot in Uganda in the 1860s long before her national independence. Uganda's population is 45.74millions (2020) with 85% confessing to Christianity of different denominations, 13% are Moslem faithful. The rest are not baptized to any religion and believe in traditional rituals but believe there is supernatural power. On June 03rd thousands of pilgrims from all over the world converge at Uganda Martyrs’ Shrine, Namugongo to commemorate Christian recruits sentenced to death by the cultural king for opposing his orders after converting from traditional religion.

Weather and climate:

Uganda lies in the African tropics and is among the only six African countries bisected by the equator line. A combination of other factors like vegetation cover, altitude, human activity, and large water bodies amongst others regulate Uganda's weather into a pleasant dream destination with warm temperatures and torrential showers. Uganda has a very pleasant climate with weather conditions experiencing double rainy and dry seasons every year. Uganda is landlocked with no access to the ocean and expansive shorelines, though Uganda has massive flesh water bodies dripping with astounding natural beauty and shimmering white sand beaches. Uganda is a prime destination for group vacations and holidaymaking, study tours, sports, and games.


Uganda is a melting pot with smashing beauty spreading into all corners of the country. With a good network of road network; a mixture of bitumen tarmac and well-paved roads, all attractions are easily accessible all through the year. Indigenous communities engage in organic food production, and supply food items, and other resources to safari camps. Safari camps have easy access to markets for other items. Travelers on Uganda tours can apply for an East African visa that allows easy access to Kenya and Rwanda too. Individuals on group safaris pool resources, share costs, and make an otherwise expensive budget pocket friendly. The group size and budget determine whether to book overland trucks, private buses, minibusses, safari customized land cruisers, or safari customized minivans.


Uganda is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty and warmhearted, hospitable and innovative indigenous communities. Most tour and adventure sites are easily accessible with luxury, mid-range and budget accommodation facilities. The campsite and hotel staff are literate, well trained and offer high-quality customer and catering services. Travelers on group tours often share rooms, have access to student centers or camps to minimize costs. Tourism activities, travel and accommodation are very competitive with hard climatic and weather conditions in other continents; June-September and December- February. Group safaris need make appropriate planning and necessary adjustments to offer high quality service, reduce inconveniences, disappointments.

Individuals on group safaris have different tastes and preferences. Sometimes, members on group safari come together just for the sake of safari. There is need for tact and experience in arranging group safaris. The choice of company for your group safari makes a very big difference; an everlasting memory or unpleasant history in your life. Members need pay extra attention to age range of group members, budget estimates, destination, interests (often related to age) and size of the group.

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Please send us an email at for more information | 256701412430

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