What Are Good Backlinks To Get in 2022?

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What Are Good Backlinks To Get In 2022?

If you are in SEO or have tried to hire someone recently to do SEO for you, then you’ve probably heard about backlinks. Either you go out and claim backlinks on the behalf of your clients, or you have had someone try and tell you that backlinks are the important part of SEO.

First, let’s be clear, the most important part of SEO is content and not backlinks. At its core, Google is trying to show the websites that have the best and most relevant content to a search query. If you do not have great content, you will not be able to rank.

Okay, Content First Then Backlinks But What Backlinks?

The type of backlinks you will want to get will depend on the type of business that you run.

Local Business

A dry cleaner, contractor, appliance repair, house cleaning, or any other local business. Getting backlinks for your business is easy, but not all backlinks are equal.

The first thing you need to know is to focus on getting local backlinks. Blueprint Digital Marketing & SEO head office is located in Calgary, so we focus on finding other local backlinks for our business.

Here are a few examples of directories local to us.

SE Calgary Businesses

Converge Calgary

Calgary Business Listing

Why do we want to network with our local businesses and directories? The answer is that we want traffic from other businesses that are local to us, as that helps establish our local relevancy.

SEO Gear & Flow Chart For 2021

seo gear industrial illustration with arrows and words. Design over white

Ecommerce or National Businesses

The good news is that if you run an eCommerce shop or a business that services an entire Province, State, or Country, finding directories will be easy for you. This is because almost every directory will provide a little bit of traffic and/or value to your website.

The bad news is that your competition also has this advantage, so if you want to outrank your competition you will have to try extra hard to find good quality backlinks.

Good Examples of Backlinks

Yellow Pages

Canada One

Canadian Business Directory

These are good directories, because either they have a recognizable brand or lots of organic traffic from having existed for a while. If you need to check and see how much traffic a directory has, the Hoth has a good and free website traffic checker.

Free Vs Paid Backlinks

This is hotly debated amongst SEO agencies, but from our experience, it is fine to pay for a business profile that provides a link to your website. What you don’t want to do is pay for a link exchange, private link network, or a website that exists only to provide backlinks.

The key to good link building is that it should be natural, not automated, or giving signals to Google that you’ve found a way to get dozens or hundreds of backlinks in a matter of weeks or even a month. Like all things in life, if you consistently build backlinks to your website, you will get good results.

Content Marketing

This is another great way to get really good backlinks for your business website. By creating high-quality content and promoting it across the internet, other businesses and websites will want to link to you. Think of any website that has ever had a blog and needed to reference something for one of their posts, a good example is the Hoth website traffic checker linked above. The key to a good content marketing strategy is to provide content that is useful and written in an engaging manner, to achieve that you should hire a professional copywriter.

In closing, the key to getting good backlinks for your business will depend on the type of business that you have. Always make sure the links you are getting come from quality websites and try to start as relevant as possible to your business and city or town. Once you have exhausted all of the good backlinks, you can then start working on finding more generalized or poor-quality backlinks.

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