Why Is My Google Business Account Suspended?

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Why Is My Google Business Account Suspended?

Let’s face it, running an online business is hard enough without worrying about your Google My Business account getting suspended. It can be a painful experience! But there are ways to make sure it doesn’t happen again—and that you recover quickly if it does! Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to get your Google My Business account back on track and reestablished in no time at all.

How To Find Out If Your Listing Has Been Suspended

Find out a few ways if you suspect your Google My Business listing has been suspended. The first thing you can do is use one of Google’s business-listing-checking tools.

Google GMB interface or Local Search Console’s verification section. If they show your listing as being removed, suspended, or denied, it may signify that your page was incorrectly flagged by an algorithm and needs to be reinstated manually. If you think your listing has been incorrectly flagged—for example, if another business is claiming and managing it—you can try disputing ownership in Google’s support center. It can be tricky to get someone from Google on the phone, so you may have better luck messaging them through Gmail.

Getting Started with Fixing Your Suspended Google My Business Account

If you’ve received a suspension notification in your GSB dashboard, you may ask yourself why your google business account is suspended. There could be several reasons why your account has been suspended. Fortunately, it’s possible to quickly fix your suspended Google my business account by following these steps. It may take longer if your issue is complicated or if there have been issues with other accounts on your Gmail or AdWords accounts.

Fixing Your Suspended Google My Business Account Step 1: Verify Ownership of Your Primary Phone Number and Email Address Before troubleshooting why your google business account is suspended, you need to verify that you own your primary phone number and email address associated with your account. This verification step helps prevent spam posted under your verified business listing information.

Submit Reinstatement Form to Google My Business

If you’ve had your account suspended, fill out a reinstatement form to get it back. Be sure to include any information that might help a reviewer understand why your business was suspended in the first place—to provide insight into how you plan to make changes from now on and ensure it doesn’t happen again. If there are any questions about your particular situation or if you’re not sure what kind of details should be included, contact Google for help with submitting a reinstated request.

How long does a Google suspension last?

Google suspensions vary. It is not uncommon for a suspension to last only a few days. Other times, Google may suspend your account due to their terms and conditions violations, resulting in a more permanent ban from operating a Google business profile. If you’ve been suspended from using your Google my business profile, don’t panic! You can take steps to appeal your suspension and get back in good standing with Google. This guide will walk you through what happened to cause your Google suspension, how long it will last, and what you can do about it.

Suppose your Google My Business account has been suspended or disabled by Google. In that case, you will see an alert like one of these when attempting to log in: Your Google+ profile was automatically associated with your Google My Business account when we detected that it had recently been used as part of another feature or product on our site. We have deleted it because we want to protect users from unwanted connections and keep information private. OR Your Google My Business profile was automatically associated with your Google My Business account when we detected that it had recently been used as part of another feature or product on our site… AND now both accounts have been permanently disabled.

Here are the main things to do when filling out the Suspended Google My Business Recovery Form!

Most of the time, when you think your Google My Business account has been suspended, it hasn’t. If you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about. The #1 problem with suspensions is that people do not understand the reason for suspension or what to do about it. Use the guide below, and you will be on your way back to having an active Google My Business listing in no time! Here are some tips that may help you get your account reinstated quicker: Have a plan: You should know exactly why your account was suspended and what actions need to be taken. Know where you went wrong: We can’t stress enough how important it is to figure out why your business was reported by someone else or if there were any issues from being associated with previous companies that have similar names.

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