Is the multiverse real?

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  • Author Michael Legos
  • Published June 9, 2022
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Many people question the reality we live in. There would be no question you’ve probably asked yourself if there are other universes out there. If you haven’t found a real answer, that’s because there really isn’t one.

We know space is large, far larger than our brains can really comprehend. In fact, space is so big that we have to start measuring it in time. Considering space is always expanding, space can’t ever officially be defined in measurement. It is, however, speculated to be around 92 billion light years large. With this all being said, we have to come up with theories.

Based on science, let’s look at what we already know. Have you ever experienced deja vu? Deja vu is where people feel as if something has already happened in the exact same way. 2 out of 3 people have claimed to experience this, some more than once, too. What about having a dream involving someone you have never seen before? Chances are… you have. Well, we know our brains cannot create faces. Have you ever ran, read, told time, saw yourself in a mirror, sang, or even played an instrument in a dream? According to psychology, these are actually scientifically proven to be impossible. Maybe you have felt like you’ve done these before, lots of people claim to even though it is factually not possible. What about having a dream and it coming to a reality after seeing it? How can that be? These are all questions that can be answered in a theory involving the multiverse.

Let’s get even more scientific. We know that thoughts are energies that can travel. Making scenarios in your head about anything is something everyone does. What if these scenarios are actually events from other universes coming to our reality? Technically, all thoughts exist. Manifestation, shifting, laws of attraction, and many other energetic tricks involve the multiverse. How is it possible to think of something for it to come to a reality? How can one speak things into reality? Again, the answer is the multiverse.

We also know everything is an energy. Although we are in the physical world, we are still energy. Everyone has their own aura or energy. Since thoughts are also energies, can we travel through the multiverse?

So many questions that can only be theorized. Many scientists believe we have an infinite amount of universes, some say an oddly specific number, some don’t even think we have one! Depending on your own experiences, opinions, and other factors, all answers vary. Personally, I believe we have an infinite amount. Not only due to theories mentioned above, but also because of conscious thinking.

For example, we make decisions daily. We can “what if” forever. What if you had an option to eat pizza or eat chicken, and you chose the chicken. Let’s say that chicken got you extremely sick, you ended in the hospital and were in critical condition from food poisoning. Because you chose to eat the chicken, you had to miss multiple days of work. Because you missed multiple days of work, you lost out on lots of money. And because you lost out on all that money, you couldn’t afford to pay for rent. And because you couldn’t pay for rent, you lost your apartment. And because you lost your apartment, you became homeless.

Although that is a stretch and silly circumstance, it represents our conscious decision making. In that example, because you made the choice to eat some chicken instead of pizza, you became homeless. What if you chose to eat the pizza? Well, that proves how every little decision making can lead to large outcomes. Maybe there’s a universe out there where you chose the chicken.

In conclusion: deja vu, decision making, energetic tricks, dreams, and much more lead me to believe the multiverse is in fact real. If we can’t see it, who knows.

I am Michael Lego, I am a journalist who loves theorizing real (or not real, who knows) topics that make you think.

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