When is the time hike to Everest Base Camp ?

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When is the best time to hike to Everest Base Camp?

It’s a crucial and very necessary topic for the wonderful adventure to the world's tallest peak base camp of Everest. A million travelers have a big dream to get to Mount Everest base camp in their lifetime and create a memorable adventure journey in Nepal.

The Mount Everest Base Camp Trek is an epic adventure and renowned walking journey in the world. The base camp Mount Everest is located at 5364 m above sea level and it’s surrounded by popular mountains with the Himalayas. If you are hiking around the Everest region before you must know about the best time or best seasons too. If you could the best time to hike to Everest base camp definitely, your journey would be unforgettable and memorable because some specific time you able to see the stunning views around the Everest region. How to find or recognize the best time to hike in Nepal? Usually, Nepal has four major seasons of the year winter, spring, summer, and autumn. In these four seasons, spring and autumn are the best seasons to hike around the Himalayas in Nepal. The spring season begins from March to May and autumn start from September to November. Moreover, the spring season would be warmer and clear than autumn but this season is the best time to trek to Everest Base Camp. Although, the spring season more favorable time to climb the peaks and expeditions too. During the spring more than 95% of expeditions have been operating for a long time because it’s a warmer season and less snowfall in spring.

Everest base camp trek can be visited nearly all months of the year but most travelers want to hike in spring and autumn except during the monsoon and winter. Everest Base Camp Trek is a high altitude and magnificent trip in Nepal that leads you around the world’s legendary mountains like Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, Nuptse, Amadablam, Pumori, Thamserku, the world's largest Khumbu glacier, beautiful Khumbu icefall, high landscapes, hidden Sherpa culture, and spectacular Everest Himalayas.

The best time to plan adventure holidays and treks around the Himalayas Nepal the spring and autumn would be suitable seasons. Springtime is one of the best seasons, where the weather stays fine and clear most of the day. During the spring many kinds of flowers bloom around the mountains you can see the various flowers in the Everest region, Annapurna region, Manaslu region, Langtang region, and other places too.

Spring is the best time when wild flowers are in seasonal bloom that is from Lukla to Tengboche Monastery. Where you will be walking into a lovely cool forest lined with rhododendron, magnolia, pines, fir, and oak with juniper, and birch trees.

Rhododendrons of various species can be seen while on treks till Tengboche from tall trees to bush rhododendron. Including many wildflowers like primroses, primula, violets, and Iris with blankets of miniature flowers. Making the whole green surroundings a natural garden with glorious scenery of white snow-capped peaks. During spring although most of the day is warm and clear, can get overcast in the afternoon with snowfall sometimes.

Autumn Season (September – November)

Autumn is also another best time to trek to the Mount Everest base camp, as well as to all Himalayan destinations. The autumn season begins from September to November, as well as the main peak and high times for treks and other adventures.

Everest Base Camp Trek in autumn/fall will be the loveliest time for pleasant walks with a fine climate. Where one can enjoy clear views of surrounding towering peaks most of the day, but short sunlight hours. Due to autumn seasons with day temperatures of 15 to 20 degrees Centigrade, soon it gets colder. As the sun hides behind high mountains, by then you will each the overnight stops for late afternoon tea and snacks.

Most days are crystal clear with fine weather for walks and stunning views of the mountain range, but cold mornings. Including the late afternoon and night times, one can enjoy a clear bright starry night sky.

During the autumn seasons, Everest base camp gets many trekkers, due to its pleasant climate and many clear views. Much an enjoyable time to enjoy beautiful scenery, wherein the month of late October or the first week of November.

If your trek coincides with this time one can observe the great Mani Rimdu Festival held at Tengboche Monastery. An interesting and famous religious festival of Khumbu Sherpa’s with monks in colorful attire, wearing masks. Dances to the beat of drums and chanting to wade evil spirits.

Additional Information for trekkers with an interest in trek in the low season:

Trekkers interested in trekking in low and off-season in winter times can visit Everest base camp. During these low times, you will encounter very few groups of trekkers on routes to Everest base camp. Where most lodges and guest-house will be closed for winter, as many Khumbu Sherpa migrates to lower warm areas. To escape from the cold winter, with only a few lodges available for off-season travelers where rooms will be half empty.

Although a cold and freezing temperatures from late afternoon till the next morning, but with a clear day. For exciting views of snow-mountains and surroundings beautiful landscapes.Winter a good time for Christmas and New Year adventure holidays in the Himalayas. Chances of snowfall in winter times especially during the January to February months.

Other important things to remember, are in all the best seasons of the year for the trek to Everest base camp. As you will be in walking in a high altitude within thin dry air, during day time. Sun rays can be bright with strong UV needs to wear a sun hat, sunglasses, and sunblock cream, with a proper dress with long sleeve shirt or jacket to protect from the bright sunshine. Wearing a scarf is advisable to keep away from dust and the sun.

Hi, I am Anjan a travel planner from Mount Everest Nepal. It's a good time to make a plan to visit the world's tallest peak and massive Himalayas Nepal. Get more information about the Nepal trip. Let's check out the Nepal trekking packages and inquiry to us for further details.



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