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When it comes to traveling with a child - whether it is a big road trip or a few quick tasks in the city - luxury is everything. This is where the tourism system control comes in handy: These car combinations make it from place A to B with your child much easier. Not to mention, travel plans allow you to remove two major items from your child's checklist with a single swipe of your credit card (and you can save money by buying both at the same time).

What is a visitor system controller?

The touring system is a full-size, stand-alone control and a reclining baby car seat that slides into the slide on foot or in a car with wheels (large). The combination of car seats allows you to travel with a child from childhood to an early age.

Not only do travel system trailers make travel easier with a child, they can also be a wise way to save money (the same as when you buy a holiday package instead of paying for a flight and hotel separately).

Don't like a car seat and a controller from the same brand? All right! You can buy the stroller you want, the exact car seat you want and you can get an adapter to get them working together.

Is the travel system controller right for my child?

The tour system controller lets you easily switch your child from car to stroller. Many seats in child car travel systems are seated to secure the car seat (your baby is fitted inside). Remember that while your young child is sitting, a car seat is not a safe place to sleep. If your toddler starts to slip in the car seat, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises you to take your baby to a stable bed behind him ASAP. When your child is old enough, he can sit on the stroller as he is (without a car seat). If you have already invested in a full-size stroller, or you have a universal car seat (an empty skeleton with a wheelchair), a travel plan is not required.

However, while the travel plan may be helpful, there are some drawbacks:

Car seats that come with children’s travel system carts only (read: your child will grow up in them soon). Therefore, you will usually need to invest in a small car seat over time, in addition to the travel system. However, the trailer system still provides only one trailer you will need. When your baby is older than the baby car seat, the stand-alone controller will walk alone for a long time.

Even the best travel system controller (read: models with less weight) can be large, making it difficult to load and exit your body.

Baby carriage systems may not be ideal on dusty, dusty roads, as they are heavier than most carts and are more likely to push through uneven terrain. It can also be a tight fit between the corridors of the grocery store.

You can only use the car seat that comes with the controller (and not all companies sell additional car seat bases separately from the travel system). So if you have more than one car, you will need to buy a second car seat if you do not want to remove the hook and reattach one base the controller comes with.

How to use the Safe Traffic System

Take these steps to make sure your child is safe:

As you assemble the system, be sure to cover all the pieces. There may be many, but all of the latter have a purpose.

Practice cutting the car seat on the controller and releasing it before your child can sit on it (so you are an expert before you add a wee wiggler to the mix). Once your child is in the car seat, move the handle to ensure that the seat is fully attached to the slide before you enter the street.

Check car seat expiration date. It sounds strange, but they have these, about six years from the time the chair came to the store. And for good reason: Older models may not have the advantage of the latest safety features. It is also important to note that plastic and webbing are worn out and may not work as expected if your car seat exceeds its expiration date. So check the manual to make sure your seat is not out of date before your child grows up.

See the label that reads "This restriction system complies with all applicable safety standards for active government vehicles. This law is authorized to apply to all vehicles and aircraft." This label means that the seat has passed strict organizational safety regulations.

Always remember that child car seats should not be used for normal sleep, according to the AAP. The safest place for a baby to sleep is to lie on his back.

Different types of travel system vehicles

In fact, the controls of the tourist system have a few things in common: They allow you to hook a child car seat right inside and go on the wheel. But there are a few different types out there:

Single navigation system controls. These turn the car seat into a controller, compared to having a separate controller.

Two-episode travel system controls. Many car systems are designed in this way, with a separate car seat and a co-trailer.

Adjustable travel system controls. These carts allow you to adjust the height to relax - and the baby.

Two-seater tour system controls. While most car seats are designed for a single car seat, others can fit two to accommodate twins. We are write and publish to all best baby products reviews.

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