Why Is Human Transcription Better?


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  • Published July 13, 2022
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The list of conversations that a business might need transcription for includes interviews, meetings, podcasts, and many more. You have two choices when having something transcribed: manual transcription or automatic transcription. Although both have benefits, many people believe that human transcription best suits their needs. So why is human transcription still frequently preferred today when so much else is automated? Here are some of the strongest arguments in favour of using human transcription for your upcoming project.


Of course, accuracy is the main concern for most people who need something transcribed. Important transcripts must be free of any mistakes that might compromise the accuracy of the data. Although reliable, automated transcription is not error-free because machines do make mistakes. Humans can handle transcription of audio and video files with a level of care that automation cannot. To help prevent errors and guarantee accuracy, each transcript is proofread by human transcribers at FFTranscription.

Even under ideal recording circumstances, background noise cannot be completely avoided. Unwanted noises in recordings can be filtered out with the help of human transcription. A car alarm outside won't confuse the transcriber, but clear recordings are still necessary for human transcribers to produce the best results. If removing background noise is challenging, don't worry. Small interruptions are frequent at work and have no bearing on how accurately our transcription is done by humans.

Verbatim Transcription

It is necessary in a number of situations to record dialogue verbatim, which means word for word. Verbatim transcription excludes filler words, grammatical mistakes, and other mistakes made by speakers that can be edited out in some transcriptions. When verbatim transcripts are needed, human transcription is the best option. Businesses can be confident that everything is included when verbatim transcription is necessary because human transcribers will not overlook any information.

Accents and Dialects

There are many different accents and dialects in the world, but this shouldn't impair the accuracy of a transcript. Automated transcriptions, though, might have trouble with this. Humans can understand what is being said despite a variety of accents and dialects because we are accustomed to them. Automated transcriptions could be inaccurate because machines aren't as good at picking up on accents and regional dialects as people are. Automated transcripts may be incorrect if there are problems with accents and voices. If this becomes a problem, it is easy to get around it by using human transcription services.

At pro-transcription.com, our transcribers are committed to providing accurate results for every transcription project. We offer human transcription services you can rely on.

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