Can Reflexology Help Improve Your Health?

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  • Author Craig Payne
  • Published September 30, 2022
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Reflexology is fabricated junk science that's got absolutely no health rewards. Despite that it's still very popular as well as widely used and offered as having health benefits. Most of the scientific evidence says that it isn't going to. There is no registration or accreditation of reflexology practitioners, so there are no limitations for the claims that they will come up with. The idea behind reflexology is that all the various body organ systems in your body might be mapped to a region or place on the feet. For example, the pituitary gland is mapped to the area under the great toe and the lungs are mapped to the area under the ball of the foot. Every organ has its area on the foot. The notion claims that if there is a illness in any of those body organ systems then the reflexologist can easily diagnose that disease by palpating the area about the feet. The idea further asserts that by rubbing or revitalizing these zones on the foot you'll be able to help take care of the illness in that specific organ system. It's not at all acknowledged the way it was that specific body organ systems were ever mapped to these spots about the feet in the first place, other than someone must have simply invented it. There is no identified means by which any of these body organ systems will be physiologically or structurally connected to the zones of your foot. There is not any route or any situation that might be remotely near to as being a path which connects all of them together.

Each and every meta-analysis and also systematic report on the research that only incorporates the well done scientific studies on reflexology have shown that reflexology does not have any health benefits. Reflexology doesn't help. Stimulation of the place on the foot connected to a particular organ system doesn't result in any changes or change for the better in that , body organ system. Generally speaking, scientific studies performed on reflexology are generally inadequately carried out with inadequate control groups and the lack of blinding of the participants, etc. However, there are numerous of research projects that do seemingly demonstrate that “reflexology” can help and lead to biological differences that people who market reflexology choose to talk about and use as evidence in which reflexology helps. Nevertheless, once you check out these scientific studies the authors apparently commonly call a plain foot massage, reflexology, that it's just not. Reflexology is the stimulation of specific areas using massage to assist certain body organ systems. A complete foot massage is something different. Just about everyone loves a great foot massage and also the majority of us who gets a massage will be more calm and much less stressed out following a excellent foot massage. This could lead too physiological rewards. For instance, a number of research has revealed that “reflexology” might reduce blood pressure, but that's nothing more than a foot massage leading to the person simply being more peaceful. Other research has shown good responses to a foot massage for things such as the nausea in people going through chemo for cancer, but this is because of the comforting outcomes of the foot massage and is not a result of the activation for the foot of the body system which the cancer malignancy was in.

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