Should You Make a YouTube Video? 4 Questions to Ask Yourself First

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  • Published November 25, 2022
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Should You Make a YouTube Video? 4 Questions to Ask Yourself First

Have you ever thought about starting a YouTube channel? If so, you’re not alone. With over 300 hours of video content being uploaded to YouTube every minute, starting your own channel can seem like an impossible task. However, if you follow the steps outlined in this article, you’ll be well on your way to being an overnight success!

  1. What type of video do you want to make?

Before you commit yourself, think about what type of video you’d like to make. Short and snappy? Long-form and opinionated? The answer will determine whether or not you need help from professionals. If you want to create something that requires special effects, for example, consider hiring a professional videographer or filmmaker. If your goal is simply to share your thoughts on something with others, then consider using one of many free online platforms such as Google Hangouts on Air (HOA) or Facebook Live. If your budget is limited but you still want an engaging video experience for viewers, try using ScreenFlow for Mac—it’s easy enough for beginners but has plenty of advanced features for more advanced users. Once you know what kind of video experience you want to create, it becomes easier to narrow down which tools are right for your needs.

  1. Are you comfortable on camera?

One of the most important things you need to know before creating your first video is how comfortable you are on camera. This may sound obvious, but if you aren’t used to talking in front of people, or aren’t sure what you have to say, then making a video will likely be stressful and uncomfortable—making it less effective. Choose videos that allow you to sit behind a desk and speak directly into your webcam or phone. If you want to make a more creative or relaxed video, try asking friends to help out with filming or editing. Just remember: If you don’t feel confident speaking on camera at all, don’t force yourself! There are plenty of other ways for brands to reach their audiences online.

  1. Will this video be helpful for your business?

This is perhaps one of your most important considerations. Making videos takes time and effort, and if it’s not bringing in views or making people aware of your brand, then there’s no point. Be sure that each video you make gets you closer to your business goals. (And it doesn’t hurt if they are entertaining as well!) But at least consider whether your video will be useful or entertaining before investing any time into it. Will my viewers care about what I have to say?: You can go far with a simple concept: Hey everyone! Look at my product/service! It might work for some brands—but chances are your audience isn't interested in hearing you push products. They're looking for content on a topic they care about. Will they want to hear what you have to say? If so, start filming; if not, keep brainstorming ideas until you find something worth sharing with them. When viewers feel like they know and trust you, they'll want more from you—and may even click through to buy something from your website. (Which brings us back around to why we should think about using video marketing.)

  1. Do you have someone who can edit the video for you?

The best videos are well-edited, and there’s no shame in asking your friends or family members to help out with that. If you want your video to come across as professional, it’s important that it looks polished and is easy to understand. While you might be able to get away with an amateur looking video on some platforms, if you want more traffic on your channel, it’s worth investing in having a pro take care of things for you. Do you have someone who can shoot and upload your video?: Even if you have a great script ready, if your camerawork isn’t great, then people aren’t going to watch. It doesn't matter how compelling your story is—if it's hard to look at, most people will skip right past it. So even though editing is probably going to be something you do yourself (unless you know someone else who can help), make sure that whoever shoots and uploads your videos has experience doing so professionally. It'll make all the difference in making sure viewers stay tuned until the end of your vlog post!

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