Tenants' Rights: When to Hire a Lawyer


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The issues tenants face during the lease agreement can be minor and easily resolved by checking reputable resources or using common sense.

In this article, we are going to give you a brief idea of why you must hire the tenant right lawyer and when it is necessary,

Why should you hire a Tenant Lawyer?

The tenant lawyer will help you resolve any dispute between you and the landlord regarding the lease agreement or any other disputes. You need to understand that while you seek the assistance of the tenant's lawyer, in the end, do not make the choices in grey.

So here are the grounds for hiring a tenant lawyer in Chicago beforehand:

The law is complicated.

Not having the guidance of any lawyer may cost you more.

Lawyers know how to challenge evidence.

Filling out the wrong document or following the wrong procedures can ruin the case.

They have access to witnesses and experts you will need on your side.

A lawyer can present your strongest case.

This is always better to avoid problems rather than fix them later

Layers know how to negotiate settlements and plea bargains.

When to Hire a Lawyer?

However, some issues are not easily resolved and can seriously threaten or worsen the rental enjoyment. Below is a guide to determine whether you may need a tenant lawyer or not. If you find yourself in any one of the situations that are mentioned below, then consider hiring a lawyer:

The landlord is evicting you.

If the landlord serves you with a termination notice that you intend to fight, hiring a security deposit lawyer increases the chances of success. Choose a local lawyer who is knowledgeable about landlord-tenant law and who has significant experience fighting evictions. Such a lawyer may devise some effective strategies or creative solutions you may not be aware of. For instance, the lawyer can argue that the landlord's eviction was retaliatory if the circumstances will support such a defence.

The landlord is evicting you without any proper court procedures.

The landlord should follow the eviction procedures by state and local law. If the landlord tries to evict you by taking matters into their hand, for instance, by locking you oy, cancelling all your utilities, or even removing the doors, windows, or possessions, then consider hiring a lawyer. These self-help remedies are illegal; no matter how strong the landlord's case may be for ending the tenancy, the landlord does not have the right to take or even threaten any self-help actions against you.

The landlord discriminates against you.

If you believe that the landlord discriminates against you, you may need a lawyer to stop the illegal actions and help you recover the damages for any harm you have suffered. One alternative is to hire a lawyer to sue the landlord in a court of law.

The landlord will not make the necessary repairs.

If the landlord is not fulfilling the important obligation under the lease and the laws, then that may lead to major problems. For instance, think about the landlord who keeps putting off needed heating system repairs until the winter is well underway or the landlord who ignores the ground floor tenant's requests to fix the broken window until a burglary happens.

The landlord is not fulfilling promises.

Landlords sometimes make promises to encourage hesitant applicants to rent from them. For instance, if the applicant is concerned about the neighbourhood crime rate, the landlord may promise to incorporate a more effective intercom system or an electronic gated parking lot. If the landlord refuses to honor the promise, you may need to hire a lawyer to write the letter to the landlord.

The property has been damaged.

At times, the landlord's failure to maintain the rental property may cause damage to the personal property. For instance, the landlord's faulty wiring repair job can spark an electrical fire in the living room, damaging the faulty wiring repair of the furniture and other belongings.

Suppose you do not have insurance or have inadequate coverage, and the damage to the property is substantial. In that case, consider hiring a lawyer to guide you in obtaining reimbursement from the landlord. If you have renter's insurance, your insurance company will cover the loss, and its lawyer will seek reimbursement from the landlord. Alternatively, you can consult the lawyer for an hour or two to get advice on how to proceed and the arguments to make to get reimbursed.


If you need a lawyer, choose one with expertise in landlord-tenant matters.

Our security deposit law experts can help you easily negotiate these legal battles and the implications with years of knowledge and skills backing up their claims. Visit our website or call us to learn more about this. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Aaron Krolik Law Office works with tenants and landlords every step of the way to make sure they understand and are comfortable with the process. The Aaron Krolik Law Office was established in 2004, we are mostly dedicated to understanding and providing results for renters rights and tenants rights in Chicago and Cook County.


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