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  • Published February 1, 2023
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National Facilities Direct (NFD) is a national facilities management company designed to consolidate your complex, ever-changing needs through top-quality facility services derived from real-time communication, state-of-art analytics, data-driven decisions, proprietary technologies to develop customized all-inclusive maintenance programs, best-in-class connectivity, and a vast in-house network of diverse professional licensed technicians. Handling all industries, achieving client satisfaction, and constantly evolving to face new challenges made NFD a proven industry leader.

The world of facility management is constantly evolving. Today, facility management professionals are tasked with improving operations, reducing costs, and creating a better work environment. In recent years, dozens of facility management technology solutions have emerged, including more advanced facility management software and mobile applications. The pandemic also changed how we work as new concerns about employee health and safety arose, and more companies shifted to hybrid workplaces. To stay successful in facility management, you need to adapt quickly to changes as they happen.

We place your needs at the heart of the solution, offering strategic and operational know-how services, helping you solve your most significant operational challenges, ensuring you can provide the highest standards in supporting your objectives, and creating value at every stage of the process, by supplying precise and effective integrated facility management solutions, from integrated facilities management to hard facility management, soft facility management, building & construction, and energy management.

“Our company is a national self-integrated facility management performing in more than 30 trades. We have industry-leading clients in the country, over 2 dozen fortune 500 companies.” Vince Keil, the NFD founder, said in an interview last week.

“Our in-house engineers lead the technical expertise; we undergo a thorough vetting process for technicians, hiring less than 5% of the licensed applicants.”

Keil added, “We’re a single-stop-solution from corrective and preventive maintenance to energy management, interior renovation, build-outs, and reoccurring janitorial services; it’s no wonder facility managers for both large and small organizations often say we are the only vendor they need! We are the future of facility management.”

Watch out for more announcements from NFD, keep in touch with us, and sign up if you want to change the facility management game and other real estate services.

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The world of facility management is constantly evolving.

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