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  • Published March 30, 2023
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Our marketing team had a recurring problem: whenever they wanted to optimize our website with new content, there was a lot of repeating tasks to be done, and the communication between tech teams about the requirements and details seemed troublesome.

Our initial workflow usually looks like this:

The marketing team worked tirelessly to analyze and discuss the website, ensuring all its components were up-to-standard. Then came round two: coordinating with tech teams for the implementation of their changes. Despite double-checking each detail, a tiny but critical mistake may sometimes remain unnoticed – until it’s too late!

They were stuck between a rock and a hard place, either spending countless hours preparing spreadsheets of details or hiring another employee or outsourcing a company to do so - an expenditure that many couldn't afford.

Communication felt like it was at its all-time low until one fateful day when the solution arrived...

We've created SEO-Go to change the collaboration game.

Our groundbreaking SEO tool makes collaboration between marketing and tech teams simple. It encourages idea sharing, while providing powerful task management features to keep everybody up-to-date with targeted growth strategies - leaving no opportunity unexplored!

When it comes to empowering collaboration, the process is pretty automated:

No more troublesome spreadsheets.

Remember sorting out all the SEO details in your spreadsheets row-by-row? Take a break from the monotonous task and save all that precious time for more efficiency! To really make an impact, it isn't enough to just analyze websites with online auditing. The tech team needs guidance on how and why those changes need to be applied in code for success.

At SEO-Go, we make completing tasks a breeze! Our intuitive interface takes the hassle out of accomplishing goals by clearly outlining exactly what and how every team member needs to do.

With our comprehensive platform, not only do you get a full audit and report of your website - but experienced SEO specialists provide step-by-step instructions to put the marketing team's goals into action! Clear guidance makes it easy for tech wizards to understand exactly what needs to be done.

Skip the emails and take a direct approach.

If you are overwhelmed with your workload, SEO-Go is here to be the hero of emails! Keep your tech team up-to-date on all SEO tasks with SEO-Go! Now you can add group members to track progress, view real-time opinions from the marketing department and use our audit tool if changes don't fit best practices. Keep everyone in sync - get it done quickly and accurately.

Automate checks and focus on productive tasks.

Don't waste time manually double-checking the tech team's workload - with us, you can rest easy knowing that every element of website SEO is taken care of. Know exactly how your site fares in moments and free up those precious hours for something more productive!

Besides collaboration, these are other superb features that you can try on SEO-Go:

Site Audit

SEO-Go's Site Audit provides thorough and in-depth data that is essential for any website manager looking to gain an advantage in terms of organic search engine rankings. This includes identifying areas that require redirects, optimizing titles and descriptions, and ensuring that all content is SEO-friendly.

Site Optimize

SEO-Go's Site Optimize provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help businesses reach their full potential in terms of organic search visibility. It utilizes automated reports and audits to identify areas in need of improvements, so that teams can work together quickly and efficiently to achieve their goals.

Site Explorer

SEO-Go's Site Explorer offers insights into how your website is performing in comparison to competitors and can help you gain an edge by uncovering fresh new opportunities to increase rankings and gain greater search engine visibility. With this comprehensive suite of services, you can make informed decisions on how best to optimize your website for online success and give yourself the upper hand against rival sites.

That's definitely not everything about SEO-Go, and there are even more anticipated features coming in the future!

Share your thoughts. We'd listen with all ears.

Just before we end introducing ourselves, we hope you will provide us with your honest and valuable feedback so that we can continue to improve our product.

By providing your insights, you can help make our product even better and more tailored to meet your personal needs. Our team is dedicated to delivering the best user experience possible by continually refining the product in response to customer feedback.

We understand that it takes time and effort to provide quality input, but we want to thank you in advance for investing in helping us make this product the very best it can be.

We're a freshly launched all-in-one SEO platform for website optimization, auditing, and competitor analysis. Boost your search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your site. Our website: http://www.seo-go.top/ and the original blog post link: https://www.seo-go.top/blog/we-launched-seo-go/

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