Keep Cool This Summer: The Benefits of Commercial Parasols


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When considering your outdoor seating arrangement, the first thing you may think of is comfort and shade! Commercial parasols offer just that in expanding living and relaxing capacities to the outdoors. 

Parasols come in all shapes and sizes, making them a versatile addition to any outdoor area. From traditional free-standing umbrellas to modern outdoor canopies, these are an essential item for gathering around with family and friends. 

Not only do they add a touch of style and class to any outdoor space, but they also provide protection from the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays. The wide variety of colours, fabrics and features available on the market today make it easy to find a parasol tailored to a look and feel that suits any space. Learn more about the benefits of investing in a commercial parasol today!

What is a commercial parasol?

A commercial parasol is an enormous umbrella used to provide shade and protection from the sun. It can come in various shapes and sizes depending on the purpose it serves, including large centre pole parasols, centre pole parasols for tables, cantilever parasols, and heavy-duty parasols. 

Centre pole parasols are most commonly found at cafe, beach and park settings—they have a central pole which is placed into a base and provides shade over a larger area. 

Cantilever parasols, sometimes called side pole parasols, have an arm that extends out from the side of the pole. This feature allows you to move the canopy, providing shade on the patio or lawn with a gentle swish of the arm. 

Heavy-duty parasols with materials like stainless steel, makes them heavier and more suitable for permanent or semi-permanent installation. 

Finally, there are large centre pole parasols that are perfect for larger gatherings such as weddings, parties, or corporate events—these usually feature multiple poles and a larger canopy for more coverage.

Importance of Having Parasols in Commercial Settings

Parasols are excellent ways to provide shade and protection from the sun in commercial settings. They can cool outdoor seating areas and provide a respite from the heat on hot days, making them ideal for restaurants, cafes and beer gardens.

There are several types of parasols available to suit different requirements: 

large centre pole parasols, which offer maximum coverage

centre pole parasols for tables, which provide more focused shading

cantilever parasols, which are manoeuvred to provide coverage wherever required

heavy duty parasols for long-term use in windy or wet weather 

smaller, lightweight parasols which are easy to move around

Parasols can provide shelter to staff and customers alike, aiding in the comfort and convenience of a business’s operations. The right type of parasol can enhance the look of any space, creating a stylish atmosphere that draws potential customers.

Ultimately, having a quality parasol prominently installed on a company’s premises will make its operations run more smoothly while providing visual appeal at the same time.

Advantages of Using Parasols for Business

Parasols can provide a variety of benefits when used in business environments. From providing shade and protection from the sun to increasing visibility, they are an essential addition to many businesses. There are several types of commercial parasols available, each with its own advantages.

Large centre pole parasols provide plenty of protection from the sun and visibility for any business. We can also adjust them at both height and angle, ensuring optimal coverage at all times.

Centre pole parasols for tables are ideal for providing shelter for diners, as well as improving the aesthetics of outdoor seating areas. Further making them ideal for use with individual tables.

Cantilever parasols give you flexibility with coverage. You can put it over a large area or move it around to get to the exact spot you want.

Heavy duty parasols can handle extreme weather conditions and last for years, making them the perfect choice for businesses operating in windy areas or that need protection from harsh sunlight.

No matter which type of parasol you select, it will enhance visibility, add visual appeal and provide shelter from the elements. Also, they heighten customer satisfaction, leading to higher profits.

How Parasols can Provide Protection from the Sun and Rain?

When searching for an outdoor shade solution, parasols are the ultimate answer. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, parasols can provide protection from both sun and rain. Large centre pole parasols are one of the most popular options, perfect for providing a large area of coverage with their expansive canopy. These types of umbrellas are easy to set up, ideal for commercial spaces or those who have ample room in their garden. Similar to the large centre pole parasols, centre pole parasols designed specifically for tables are ideal for giving smaller areas cover and some respite from the sun. Cantilever parasols are ideal for when limited floor space is available, as the support arm is connected to the side of the umbrella instead of the ground.

Heavy duty parasols are suitable for windy conditions, thanks to their increased stability and strength. No matter which type of parasol you choose, they all provide excellent protection from the elements – so never fear being caught out in the rain again!

How Parasols Increase Customer Numbers and Improve Customer Experience

Parasols are an essential item for many businesses, providing shade and comfort for customers. With a wide variety of parasols to choose from, businesses can find the perfect fit for their needs.

Large centre pole parasols are great for covering sizeable areas, while centre pole parasols for tables offer intimate shelter for small groups. Cantilever parasols offer the benefit of placement with no anchoring to the ground, while heavy duty parasols are more ideal in windy locations.

Every parasol, regardless of style, helps to create a cosy, inviting atmosphere for customers. You can also use parasols as a marketing tool; adding branding or custom designs can draw attention to your business.

Parasols offer protection from the sun and rain, making outdoor seating more attractive and bringing in more customers. Besides increasing customer numbers, parasols can also improve customer experience. Comfortable, attractive outdoor commercial spaces can increase customers' stay at your premises.


Commercial parasols are an essential part of any hospitality business, offering much-needed protection from the sun and rain for both customers and staff. There are various types of commercial parasols available to suit different needs, including large centre pole parasols, perfect for covering enormous areas; center pole parasols designed to fit around tables; cantilever parasols, ideal when there is not enough space for a center pole; and heavy duty parasols, perfect for protecting against strong winds. Commercial parasols offer shade, comfort and style to any hospitality business, ensuring they keep customers safe in the sun and enjoying their dining experience.

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