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With all the other things to worry about when trying to get your website primed and ready, the two factors of content and optimization play the biggest roles in finding your audience.

This takes into account what people are already searching for the keyword you are trying to optimize for.

The content on your webpage is more important than ever.

Use article marketing.

After creating an article, submit it to article directories, with keywords hyperlinked in the appropriate spots.

Many of these article directories are highly visible themselves, which means they get a lot of human and search engine traffic.

Your payment is the backlinks you get to attach in the resource box at the end of the article.

Crafting an article for a Blog Post

  1. Choosing a Topic

Take a little extra time defining your topic and the post will flow better and you’ll develop something that matters to readers.

  1. Crafting Your Post’s Title (The headline)

The most crucial part of actually getting readers to start reading your post is when they see it on the search engine results page.

  1. The Opening Line

First impressions matter.

  1. Making your posts matter)

A post needs to have a point.

  1. Call to Action

Driving readers to do something cements a post in their mind and helps them to apply it and helps you to make a deeper connection with them.

  1. Adding Depth

Before publishing your post

Ask yourself how you could add depth to it and make it even more useful and memorable to readers.

  1. Quality Control and Polishing of Posts

Small mistakes can be barriers to engagement for some readers.

  1. Timing of Publishing Your Post

Timing can be everything – strategic timing of posts can ensure the right people see it at the right time.

  1. Post Promotion

Having hit publish – don’t just leave it to chance that your post will be read by people.

  1. Conversation

Often the real action happens once your post is published and interacted with by readers and other bloggers.

So how Do You Increase Your Blog Traffic With Article Marketing

Article marketing is just one of the tools at your disposal for driving targeted traffic to your blog, that is if you do it right.

What is Article Marketing?

You write an article of about 300-500 words, you submit it and you’re done. That is the basic strategy.

5 Common Article Marketing Mistakes

If you ask bloggers about using article marketing to increase their blog traffic and subscribers, you’ll no doubt run into many different responses.

The five most common mistakes

  1. Consistency. This isn’t an overnight thing. If you want to succeed in getting more blog traffic and subscribers, you have to do it consistently, no matter what you do.

  2. After you have written and submitted a few articles. You can use the traffic reports.

  3. Keywords. If you want to keep receiving traffic from your articles for a long time, you should check out what keywords your audience is using to look for content.

There are numerous free and paid keyword tools that you can select from.

  1. Complexity. The more you can keep things simple, the more you can get done.

Write a set amount of articles each day, submit them, and keep doing that consistently and you will see results.

  1. Strategy. You have to have a strategy and plan in place.

Getting more blog traffic is all well and good, but how are you going to turn them into subscribers and what are you going to do after that?

Crafting Your Sign-Up Incentive

Before you start increasing your blog traffic and sending visitors to your website via article marketing, you want to have a plan in place.

This just means that you have something for free to give away.

4 Proven Tips for Article Marketing Success

There are common elements in any successful article marketing strategy.

  1. Relevancy.

If you want to not only increase your blog traffic but translate that traffic into subscribers, you have to keep everything relevant.

  1. Headline.

If your headline isn’t grabbing your visitors by the collar and dragging them to your article, your success may be limited. Crafting effective titles is an art form.

  1. Resource box.

Once you’ve gotten your reader interested in your headline, and they’ve read through your article, now it’s time to keep them interested and take them back to your blog.

Tell them what you have to offer in the resource box.

  1. Balance. Article marketing is not about writing a few articles and stopping.

You have to find a balance because if you’re too focused on quality, you will not be able to write many articles.

On the other hand, if you’re too focused on quantity, your articles will get rejected.

How to Take Your Article Marketing to the Next Level

Once you’ve started making money, you can start outsourcing and using more advanced strategies, such as:

  1. Research. Once you have a big repository of articles, you can look back and see what has worked and what hasn’t.

  2. Steal. At some point in time, you will start running out of ideas. A great place for keywords and posts is to look at other people’s content.

  3. Outsource. As humans, we have limited capabilities. You can’t write 50-100 articles a day, but you can leverage what you have.

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