How Drypal© makes showering with smartphones possible in 2023

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  • Published April 18, 2023
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Many years have passed us by without anyone stopping to wonder: “How is it that in the world where technology marvels are all around us, a simple fix for keeping us entertained inside the shower appears too difficult to be found?”

Even though phone manufacturers are continuously working on waterproofing their phones, the day when we can enter the shower with the cellular in hand without thinking twice still seems to be quite far away, as even the richest of manufacturers can’t seem to find reliable methods to get their phones to be truly waterproof.

So as we are left to live our lives with unfulfilled shower fantasies like watching a show, making a call, or scrolling Twitter, all as the hot water pours- a fix by the name of “Drypal” was created!

Drypal is the shower essential everyone’s started adopting lately and for a very good reason:

The Drypal is a shower phone holder/case that protects your phone from water and steam damage, and by so ensuring you properly enjoy your showers with the freedom to do all you normally love doing on your phone- inside the shower! The Drypal is hung onto the shower wall, and upon getting inside the shower, all you have to do to use it is open up its hatch, and insert your phone. It’s that simple! So next time before you stop your show binge to shower: pop your phone inside the Drypal, and shower: the Drypal way.

Join all of the shower pals who are using Drypal on the daily, and just can’t go back, and say goodbye to boring showers.

Drypal© is a privately held brand started in 2023 that strives to change the way we think about and take showers.

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