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  • Published May 22, 2023
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Learning how to write sales letter copy is the single most important skill you can ever learn in marketing. You either learn to write it, or pay someone else dearly to write it for you. Personally… I’d rather keep that kind of money in my own pocket and just learn how to write it.

It doesn’t matter how fantastic your product is… if your sales copy is lousy then you’re not going to make very many sales!

You can actually have a lousy product, but if your sales copy screams a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow… Then it will sell.

I’m sure you’ve experienced this before… You find yourself so engrossed in a sales page, you can’t take your eyes off “what will be said next”… This is what you’re aiming for when you write your own copy!

Heck… doesn’t just apply to sales pages… Have you ever had an ad that comes on TV… and you cannot change the channel? You feel compelled to watch every part of it… You know you’re being “sold to” but you just can’t resist! You’ve got to watch every part of it!

Anyways, lets get to it…

Right now, I’m going to show you what system I use in order to pull an at LEAST 2% conversion. Most of my conversions sit around 2% to 3%.

Here is my formula…


They look pretty don’t they? In fact… it often gives the page a much more professional feel… Depending on my sales copy… I may or may not use one. Let me explain…

If I’m selling a product for under $20 and I’m planning on selling it to my subscriber list then I will usually create a banner for a slightly more professional feel. (Especially if I’m planning on only writing a small sales page for it…2 to 4 pages).

In order to use this feature though, you need to ensure it blends in with your page. You don’t want it to take away the focus of what you are selling.

If you are using a blue background then a red colored header is going to look inappropriate. Yes… it will stand out horribly!

Perhaps a good indicator of this is for you to reflect and think back before you begun marketing… How many websites did you buy from that had a header?

When I go back and think of what I bought when I first began buying online I can honestly say… most of it didn’t have a pretty header and these were $100 to $200 products I purchased.

It’s indicated by some of the world’s top copywriters that they noticed a marginal increase in sales when they took headers out.

I nearly cried when I took out my very first header… after all I had spent so much time making it look sooooo pretty…. But I have to agree with them… my sales increased when I did this.

Your Headline

This is acclaimed to be the most crucial part of your sales copy. And it really goes without saying doesn’t it?

How often have you been searching for something online, and because the first thing you saw didn’t grab you and drag you in to want to know more… you just clicked the site away and went in search for another website instead?

Or better yet… how often have you read a stunning headline that grabbed you by the eye sockets and there laid your eyes glued to the monitor to find out more!!!

This is the best time to “create” curiosity.

I’ve also found by using a “YOU” in my headline ALWAYS converts better. Speak to your visitor right away, that’s what they want. Isn’t that what you want when you visit a website?

Its human nature we all want to hear about ourselves, talk about ourselves, we all want to know what “you” the consumer can do for US. Not how we the “paying” customer can line your pocket with gold.

In fact… this can be your one calling card to throw in the “what’s in it for me” straight away.

Take for example…

“Finally… Now You Really Can Put an End to That Stray Cat Spraying on Your Front Porch”

Straight away the visitor knows he is about to find out how to stop that wandering tom cat from leaving that filthy smell on his front porch.

There seems to be this myth going around lately that your headline seems to need to read more as a “paragraph”. I’ve tested this theory… and I can honestly say I’ve pulled better results without the extra glam.

You can often use this (or what you might use in a full paragraph as your sub headline)

Another important factor when you create your headline is the color, font style and font size.

This should stand out more then any other part of your sales page. I find often a red or blue and/or combined of both to work well. I usually make this the largest size possible (depending on the entire length of my headline).

The font needs to be readable and bold. My favorite is “Verdana”… Here is an example:

“Finally… Now You Really Can Put an End to That Stray Cat Spraying on Your Front Porch”

It stands out so it will attract the reader visiting; it is also easy to read. Basically they’d stand a better chance of dodging a sumo wrestler standing a few feet away ready to rub tummies with them then miss this headline!

So many times I see headlines that blend in like a prey mantis does to a branch and most often then not their sales page is really quite good, but if your headline doesn’t stand out then your conversions WILL suffer for it.

It’s an easy fix!

I’ve heard many top copywriters say you should write out 100 headlines before choosing and testing.

To be completely honest with you, I have NEVER done this.

I usually write out and fiddle with 20 maximum of 30 headlines. I also do this by writing it out by hand first instead of typing them out on the computer.

I find it sticks better in my mind… plus I can’t do the simple “backspace” and often although you might come up with a headline that you think sucks… but there is often some words you want to take from that and add to another.

Sub Headlines

This is almost as important as your headline. If your sub headline sucks then you lose the visitor just as fast. Keep creating more curiosity to your offer. Take for example, we already have the headline:

“Finally… Now You Really Can Put an End to That Stray Cat Spraying on Your Front Porch”

And NO! This method doesn’t include shooting the rotten tom cat, or setting harmful traps that will end in an enquiry from the SPCA!

In this sub headline I have answered some questions that might be looming in the visitors mind, yet still created curiosity.

I’ve also taken away the most obvious answers and leaving the visitors wanting to know “more” about this apparent “solution” I have to their problem.

You will notice in the example… I’ve made the sub headline still very large, but still smaller then the main headline. It is also a different color.

I find this to be important because you don’t want your sub headline to steal the attention of your main headline. You simply want to hold and maintain the interest of your visitor.

Opening Your Letter

This is usually where I place the:

From: Your Name Here

Tuesday 2.16PM EST

It just makes it more personalized. They know now right off the bat I’m writing to them and I am .

The first paragraph I ensure I get them to envision their dream. For example… we’ll stick to the same subject I’ve started on (by the way, I’ve made this up as a pure example, I truly have no idea how to stop tom cats from spraying on your front porch ;-) )

Dear Friend,

How many times have you wished you could wake up each morning to reach for the daily delivered newspaper from your front porch breathing in the fresh crisp morning air and smelling the soft sweet scent of your rose bushes without the competing sickening smell of cat spray… if you can relate to this, then you need to read this letter.

Now… by this stage you’ve answered the age old question “what’s in it for me” … You’ve told them what its NOT… You’ve created curiosity and now you got them dreaming!

Here is where you start your story of the troubles you experienced…


Just two years ago I was in your exact same shoes. I was ashamed and completely embarrassed to bring friends and family to the front door.

With the occasional comment of “Ewww… what’s that smell?” and of course some looked just as embarrassed as I did and said nothing, but you could tell by the looks on their faces they copped a big wiff of it too.

In these two paragraphs I have sympathized with the visitor. I understand their problem, I tell them the “obvious” of what they’re experiencing.

We all want someone to relate and sympathize with our problem!

Next paragraph I would begin to mention “what” I’ve tried in order to help the problem.

Likely just like you, I was out their on my front deck everyday scrubbing with powerful agents, and yeah this worked for a short amount of time… but that same cat came back the next day to leave his mark once again.

It felt hopeless… I would never resort to any type of cruelty to animals, I don’t believe in that. I even considered moving house to erect the issue but that was far too expensive.

Now your following paragraph should tell your visitor how you come about the solution to the problem without “actually” telling them what the solution is.

It was by chance I happened to stumble across the solution… etc… etc..

I could finally walk out onto my front porch without the horrible stench of etc… etc..

Now this is your chance to build your credibility… You’re going to answer why they should truly be listening to you…

Since I discovered this method I’ve been teaching thousands of others word wide…

Now is the time to back up your credibility with testimonials…

Don’t just take it from me… listen to what others have to say when they tried my method…

Testimonial goes here

Testimonial goes here

Testimonial goes here

Try to ensure you add a name and where they live. If you can, also try to get a photo of happy customers. Depending on what it is that you’re selling, perhaps you could even get photo proof of them using your product.

Using photos of yourself using your own product can be very effective also.

I heard a story of one guy who sells info products on how to get hot women… Apparently he would get hot women that he woed to hold a sign up saying “The something method worked on me” with his arms around the ladies.

Photos bring greater credibility… it paints a picture in the mind of the reader. Take Corey Rudl’s website for one… he actually goes all out and has actual video’s of his happy customers speak of the success they had using his product.

They do this exact same thing in the “infomercials”!!! In fact… something I’ve noticed from these type of commercials is most of their advertisement IS testimonials.

ANY documentation of proof you have… ADD it! It will only add to your credibility and ensure your reader your not just pulling their leg.


There has always been the great debate between some top copywriters screaming “State benefits not features” and others that say the complete opposite…

Well my simple solution was just state both!

This is where you really need to get creative and stick the meat in.

For example:

• Using this one particular everyday household product will take that stench out and have your front porch smelling like roses instantly!

• Once you use this little doozy NO stray cat will even dare set foot on your drive way let alone your front porch

You know the old saying… Curiosity killed the cat? Well using bullet points like this will drive your reader crazy with curiosity he probably won’t even think twice about ordering! He WILL want to know!

Oddly enough… I’ve even read sales pages where I’m not particularly interested in what they’re selling, but the bullet points have created so much curiosity I felt compelled to want to know the “great” hidden secret they had landed upon.

After stating what type of features it has… I would then progress into benefits…


• Imagine never having to feel the embarrassment ever again of inviting friends and family over

• Walking out onto your front porch to the smell of freshly mowed lawn etc… etc…


And if all that wasn’t enough ... then you sweeten the pot. You slam on the bonuses.

Now, a fatal error I made in the earlier days is I didn’t add a value to my bonuses. When I was pulled up on it, I was asked… “Don’t you value your bonuses? Because if you don’t value them then why should your customers?”

It was a poke between the eyes… but a good one none the less! ;-)

I usually bullet point some features/benefits of each bonus as well.

Next Step…


This is always a great debate… most say you “have” to give it a guarantee. I’ve tried both methods. I can clarify that a guarantee does pull more sales however I have also tested different methods of writing a guarantee to “lessen” the amount of refund requests that come through.

I’ve found that certain ways you put your guarantee can lessen the amount of refund requests.

But if you want the maximum possible amount of sales then tell them in your guarantee…


100% Unconditional No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee:

If you’re not completely happy with this product even if you so much as spot a cat hair within a 5 yard radius of your front porch then I want you to email me right away for a prompt and courteous full refund of your money!

I like to use these next paragraphs to let them know how much of a good deal they’re getting.

Usually comparing to what they might pay for this product else where and then ensure them they won’t have to pay that much from me for the solution.

Or another great line is initially making the price point higher eg. This is valued at $1,000 but today when you order you get all this including all bonuses for a measly $497.

This will usually give the reader a sigh of relief and excited that he is getting it at this bargain price.

Walk Your Customer through the Steps of Ordering

The first words I begin with in this process are:

Place Your Risk-Free Order Now using our Secure Server Provided

Straight off the bat I’m asking them to place their order at the same time soothing their doubts about ordering online by letting them know about the secure server used to process the payment.

This is also a good time to mention “how” they will receive the goods they’re ordering. i.e. Will it be posted? Is it downloadable?

Sign your letter off!


Set up your order button. You will want this to be outstanding. Not something they will skim past un-noticed. Placing an order here can easily be over-looked.

Then hit them with a strong P.S.

This is where you create the urgency and need to buy right now


P.S. This offer is time limited, I can’t guarantee if you come back tomorrow or the next day the price wouldn’t of risen

P.P.S. A great smelling porch is just minutes away, don’t delay

Etc.. etc..

More Tips

Tables – Use one! How horrible is it when you go to a website and you’ve got to read from one side of the page to the other without a neat and small table? Unpleasant isn’t it?

Backgrounds – They say that blue backgrounds are the tried and tested and pull the greater response. I also agree with going with a theme.

For example – if you’re selling something about love, then set the mood with a red background; if you’re selling golf tips then a green background would be a suitable theme.

Your main text should be on a white background with black text. Don’t use fancy and/or hard to read font styles. You want the page to be as “readable” as possible.

Add visuals to your products. If it’s a digital product you can still bring it to life with creating a digital 3D look and appearance.

Hi-lighting – This is effective providing you use it sparingly… It will lose its effect if over used. Make sure you only use this to hi-light dramatic important parts in your copy.

Getting effective testimonials

Honestly… everyone likes to run around and say you just have to “ask” to get testimonials… I can assure it’s rare that you actually receive a hum dinger of a one. Most of them will just be one liners “It was great, thanks heaps”.

Especially in niches that aren’t marketing orientated. The customer doesn’t realize the type of impact a testimonial can have on your business.

So here’s an idea you can utilize to increase the quality of your testimonials…

Send out an “unadvertised” bonus a few days later… Completely free of charge! On the page add a feedback form with a few questions.

Some example questions might be:

Could you tell us your story as to what’s brought about X problem?

What results have you received from using our product?

Would you recommend this product to others? If so, who do you think it would be most suited to?

Do you believe you got value for your money?

Then simply ask permission to correlate this into a testimonial you can use on your webpage.

Of course, within all this said… there is still one very big secret to writing killer copy that will hit your readers between the eyes. And this is writing with persuasion.

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