What Could Happen If Someone Gains Entry Into Your WordPress Blog?

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  • Published May 3, 2023
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You must be aware of the reasons why you should back up your WordPress blog, and protect it against someone getting access to your site.

If someone or a group of people get into your WordPress blog, they can delete anything that is there. They can alter things, they can change your blog so that it points to something else.

They can delete, alter, and destroy everything that you have spent time setting up, creating, and adding things to make your blog YOURS!

Hackers do not care in the least bit what kind of damage they can do.

They seem to get their kicks from exploiting others, altering, damaging, or even destroying the work of somebody else.

All of the time and effort you have spent to create your blog and add content to it could be lost, deleted, or destroyed.

The hackers can replace it with something else, redirect it, and access every single file in that WordPress site, and sometimes other websites on the same server.

They can steal your work and then delete everything and without a backup, you will lose everything that you had.

Taking the time to back up your blog cannot be stressed enough.

Without a backup that can be used to recover your blog, you will be up the creek without a paddle.

That is why it's really important to keep people out and back up your site just in case something goes wrong.

If someone gets into your WordPress blog, delete it. By deleting it, you remove whatever the hackers had done.

Then using your backup, you can recover the blog from the backup.

There is a plugin called Bulk Delete that can delete all plugins within a blog, and this is kind of a scary thought.

But if you keep your blog backed up, then no one can hurt you.

Whether you back up your blog daily, weekly, or monthly, you will be protected and only lose what you have added since the last time you did a backup.

Let's say in the worst case you back up your site on a Monday, and someone gets into your site and deletes it on a Friday, at least you have only lost the past five days of work. You haven't lost the past two years, if not more.

What is even scarier is that someone who gets into your WordPress site might replace it with something else. It could be a porn site, it could be a hate group, or it could be some type of scam.

Many terrorists, religious and activist groups have used hackers to gain entrance to weakly protected WordPress sites and replace it with their images and content.

What also might happen is someone might set up your site to redirect to a new site or display some ads.

And even worse, if your site gets flagged as an attack site, or as a problem site other people will not be able to see it.

The search engines could penalize you and de-list your site from their database. If this happens, you may never be able to get your blog entered back into the search engines and you might even have to start over from square one.

That is something that might happen, if you load your WordPress site and it seems to be redirected to some far-off place on the internet, it might have been hacked and you should investigate that.

One of the scariest things about someone getting into your WordPress site is that they will probably be able to get access to all the files on your site.

They can install anything on your site once they have gained access.

And depending on how your server is configured, they might be able to see every single website and account on that server.

If someone gets into your WordPress blog, it's not just about them changing content or redirecting to a new place, they now can see all your files,

all your blogs, all your videos, and all of your information.

This is a reason for you to lock down WordPress.

You must use a hard-to-guess password and be very careful about where you log into your blog from. Only use secure locations or sites.

Back up your site, so just in case the worst happens you are still protected and you can still get your stuff back.

I have been hacked 2 times and they happened within 3 days of each other. After the first time, my Webhost was able to restore all of my blogs and files that had been destroyed.

The second time it happened, less than 3 days later, they told me they had NO backups.

I immediately began looking for a new Webhost that did regular backups.

This was with a supposedly REPUTABLE WebHost, which I will never even consider using again.

Although this was upsetting to me, I had been using a free plugin called Duplicator and had backups of every one of my blogs.

This took a lot of time, but all 100 of my blogs were recreated from the backups and after this was completed, all of my blogs were once again up and running.

Without my backups, I would have lost all of the 100 blogs and all of the time and effort that had been put into them.

It does not matter whether you have 1 blog or several blogs, you need to have a regular schedule to back up your blog(s) and protect yourself and your hard work.

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