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There is a proven way for you to generate quality leads if you are anywhere on planet earth, currently Tiktok have not yet listed some few African countries on their ads platform.

But below I will give you a few proven steps you can leverage upon to get more leads from Tiktok which is one of the best platform at the moment, one of those strategies is called the Influencer marketing.

Before you begin I want you to know that the information below is a full blown course on its own, What you are about to learn took me lots of money to acquire, you must go through it over and over again, if you have any question do not exitate to leave it on the comment.


First what is Tiktok Influencer?

Tiktok Influencers are Tiktok users who have above 10k followers and have unique ways to influence more people to engage with their content.

A Tiktok Influencer can also have below 10k followers and still get you more leads, it all depends on his/her content style.


1- Macro-Influencers: 100K–1M followers.

2- Micro-Influencers: 10K–100K followers.

3- Nano-Influencers: 1K–10K followers.

Example of TikTok Influencers

  1. Dancer: These are Tiktok users that attract the audience by making some unique dance steps on Tiktok.

  2. Skit makers: This is a Tiktok user who attracts more audience to themselves by bringing updates about the happenings outside and inside the social media.

  3. Comedians: These are Tiktok users who attract more audiences with comedy jokes..

  4. Value Providers(Presenter): This set of Tiktok users creates useful and helpful content as video, presenting useful tips in their video is also their way of accumulating their audience.



When you see new people go viral. Check them out on TikTok.

Work with Influencers with Niches

Reaching out to them. (via Instagram, Facebook) Or Get their attention in the comment section.

Take charge of the conversation. A lot of them have not handled advertising before and they probably are looking for money. Sell them a long-term proposal ahead.

Ask for their rate card.

Look into their analytics, (All indices must be up)

Strike the deal

Example: Hello (Influencer name) I am Oluwatuyi Clement Kelvin, i really like working with you, I've gone through your Tiktok page, and i saw your content meets my niche requirements. I would like to make a deal with you.

I am looking into a long term contract with you, because I believe you can bring my company more sales and more money. I would like to see your rate card to submit to my team. Kindly get back to me as soon as possible.

I believe you must have gotten a little knowledge about TikTok Influencer marketing. Lets proceed to learn even more.


Before getting them to work with you, it is important you know that finding the right Influencer for your niche or product can bring a mind blowing result to you in a very short time.

This strategy will work for you if you are just like me who doesn't like to start at the bottom. So your first step is to take time to do proper research for the best Influencer.

The next step is to get them to work with you, by going to their most recent post and leaving a good comment.


Great content, I believe if a similar content is being created for my product it will bring us more sales and also bring you more money, i am (your Name) i like to work with you. I just follow you. Kindly follow back let's discuss business in the long term.

If this part is done well it will automatically attract other Influencers who are hungry to make money advertising products, they will be the one to message you first.

SAMPLE 1: This was executed by a dancer

  • Are you a female writer, Can you write short sentences, Do you know you can become an independent woman, Who earns between 500–1k weekly. Writing emails for foreign brands? No qualifications are required.

SAMPLE 2: This campaign was also executed by a dancer

Are you a 9–5 worker who is tired of living on one source of income, here's an opportunity to start earning dollars with your smartphone, By creating & publishing simple books on Amazon. No writing skills are needed.

PS: Non 9–5 workers who want to learn can also join

SAMPLE 3: This campaign was executed by a presenter

Stop scrolling if you're a graduate, or undergraduate, especially if you are tired of earning peanuts monthly, because I'm about to show you how to convert the things you know, your life experiences or even the ideas of others into money.

  • By packaging them into short Ebooks and selling them on Amazon.

  • It doesn't matter if you have never written a book before.

Sample 4: This campaign was executed by a lifestyle influencer

Are you tired of the university strike? Do you need a way to make money online? Did you know Amazon can pay you monthly just by uploading short zero content ebooks? Learn how to do this with your smartphone. And make between $100- $300 monthly.

Sample 5:

Are you a 9–5 worker who is tired of earning less than you spend monthly, would you like a simple income system you can do on the side to generate 100–500 weekly? (Make it believable)

-No qualifications required ❌❌

-All you need to start is your mobile phone

Sample 6:

Being a man is tough, but being a broke man is tougher. Nobody gives a man FREE money. That's why we have more men doing odd & dirty jobs because a man has to hustle for each penny. He has to suffer before he can eat. Therefore as men we need to have each other's back. We need to be sharing updates with each other

  • And on that note…

  • I'm here to share with you how you can earn in dollars

  • By writing emails for foreign brands.

  • It's not something hard at all.

  • As long as you can write short sentences like this and you're willing to learn. You can do this.

  • Training has been put in place, where you can learn everything about this online hustle………

NOTE: all the samples above have been executed by various Tiktok Influencers, but you can still rewrite them to match your product.

Tiktok Influencer marketing can be really profitable and less expensive, all you have to do is make proper research for the right influence for your brand or product.

This same strategy can be used for Instagram Influencer marketing.

Leave your question in the comments.

A Top Nigeria researcher also the CEO of His Grace Researcher, successful Lead gen pro.


Do you want to learn how you can generate quality leads like a pro?

you might want to check out my newly launched book called "AI LEAD MAGNET"


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