Hiring Insights and Tips from a COO with a Psychoanalytic Mindset


  • Author Irene Pinchuk
  • Published October 9, 2023
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I firmly believe that effective management requires a deep understanding of human psychology. As a constant learner, I have immersed myself in the fundamentals of psychology and am currently pursuing a specialization as a psychoanalysis consultant at the Kyiv Institute of Counseling and Psychotherapy.

My goal is to use this profound knowledge of the human psyche to enhance my skills in people and project management. With my prior experience in management and business operations, I now see myself transitioning into the field of Talent Acquisition.

Throughout my career, one of my most rewarding responsibilities has been recruiting and hiring new team members. Early on, I began honing my skills in strategic hiring practices to meet the future workforce needs of my organizations. This approach allowed me to build a high-performance team of 6 talented marketers at BeaverCraft, among other successful hiring experiences.

I derive immense satisfaction from interacting with people, understanding the challenges and objectives of executives when they seek to add new members to their teams, and assessing candidates for cultural fit and competency alignment. Building relationships has always been a key focus for me, whether it's with influencers, customers, or team members. During my tenure as CMO at BeaverCraft, I successfully collaborated with over 70 bloggers on various marketing initiatives.

When I established Scale Final, a digital marketing agency from scratch, I further deepened my knowledge and skills in recruitment technologies. I leveraged job boards, social media, and networking to find in-house and freelance content writers, resulting in the hiring of 10 skilled writers and 2 marketers. Additionally, I have a strong passion for mentoring and coaching team members on various aspects of business operations, company values, and vision.

Here are some valuable insights I've gained throughout my career regarding hiring:

Create a comprehensive profile of your ideal candidate and define your goals from the outset. Without a clear understanding of industry trends and the key skills and mindset required for the role, initiating the hiring process can be a futile endeavor. Be prepared to adjust the candidate profile as you gain insights from interviews.

Prioritize soft skills over technical gaps. While technical skills are essential, I always prioritize human relationships and a positive attitude. For example, a candidate for a social media manager role may lack knowledge in creating a content strategy but exude a friendly and positive demeanor. In such cases, I would opt for the candidate with the right attitude, as I believe that technical skills can be taught, but core personality traits are harder to change.

Ensure alignment of core values. Finding candidates who share the same values and beliefs is crucial for long-term collaboration. While technical skills can be improved, fundamental values tend to remain consistent. It's essential to be on the same page to foster a successful working relationship.

Assess decision-making abilities. While a candidate's work experience and skillset are essential, their approach to decision-making is equally significant. Look for candidates with a decisive mindset, as they are more likely to become autonomous employees. Evaluate their decision-making abilities based on both their professional and personal life experiences.

Understand the candidate's motivations and goals. Prior to hiring, it's essential to understand a candidate's short-term and long-term career aspirations and how they align with the position they're applying for. Utilize open-ended questions and in-depth interview techniques, coupled with active listening skills, to gain insight into their motivations.

These insights, coupled with my background in psychology, have enabled me to identify and hire top talent for my teams—individuals who share our vision and are committed to the journey ahead. I welcome the opportunity to connect, share experiences, and learn from others in the field of Talent Acquisition. Feel free to reach out if you'd like to connect or have a project or position to discuss.

Driven by innate curiosity about people and my prior experience in management and business operations, I now see myself heading towards a career in Talent Acquisition. I have over 7 years of experience managing global teams of 5-20 people and working with C-Suite Executives. Currently, I work as Chief of Operations at Lazle, a USA-based eCommerce company, where I lead a cross-functional team of 15.

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