You Are Not Your Brain


  • Author Sara Al Zadjali
  • Published December 22, 2023
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A while ago, I asked a few of my friends what they think about certain situations. Do they panic while facing something difficult? Or they immediately take a decision about what they must do. Unfortunately, some of them struggle to manage their thoughts properly in certain circumstances.

Let's figure out Why! That’s because humans don't have full control over their thoughts, and our thinking process is linked to the situation that we are facing. If you make healthy and correct thoughts while difficult situations, later you’ll have the full ability to replace an inappropriate or negative thought with a good and healthy one. That's how you're going to adapt your thinking process and stick it into your brain and so on... but it is NOT easy to adapt your mind to the process of (You are not your brain), Your mind needs to practice various times until you adapt it. I made my few friends try it too.

I’ve provided each of them with sample scenarios related to the challenging circumstances they are currently dealing with. After they finished reading, I asked them "what if" questions about another person as if they were in their place. Most of the answers were immediate and correct by thinking properly toward the situation just because they used their mind power to appropriate thinking for the given situations. Why wouldn't they use the same way of thinking for their own problems? Why wouldn't they act in the same manner and think similarly for themselves? This question confused them, so they began to wonder why they couldn’t face their circumstances using the same technique as they had provided effective solutions for others. Try to be sympathetic and ask others about their inconvenient situations just to wake your mind up and be able to think in a proper way for yourself as well.

So, this tip clarified that we all have the ability to think on our own and not blame the brain or always keep saying "I don't know what to do" Make yourself a priority! Think about the difficult situation in a correct and healthy way... don't blame your mind because you're the one who decides what you have to do, and what steps you have to take. It's all you! Your mind only applies and does what you say, what you want, and what you decide. Make sure that you own the keys to your mindset. It is essential to choose the best and healthiest way possible.

Therefore, have the courage to carefully consider everything that occurs in your life to live a great and healthy existence without any stress or anxiety over hardships. because problems/difficult situations are part of our lives, something we must face and be able to deal with appropriately and motivate ourselves by believing that these problems are not permanent. The Good time will come soon!

I am Sarah, with BSc in Psychology.

Willing to spread awareness and reduce stigma around mental health because your mental health matters & there is no health without mental health.

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