The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Eyelash Extensions for Your Eye Shape

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  • Published February 1, 2024
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As an Australian woman who loves to keep up with the latest beauty trends, I understand how overwhelming it can be to choose the right eyelash extensions, especially when you want them to complement your unique eye shape perfectly. Whether you’re from the sunny beaches of Sydney, the bustling streets of Melbourne, or the picturesque landscapes of Tasmania, eyelash extensions are a fantastic way to enhance your natural beauty. Here’s your ultimate guide to selecting the right eyelash extensions for your eye shape!

  1. Almond Eyes

Almond eyes are versatile and can pull off most lash styles. If you have almond eyes (think Margot Robbie), you’re in luck! For a natural look, classic lashes that fan outwards can create a stunning effect. If you’re after something more dramatic for a night out in Brisbane or a fancy dinner in Perth, try volume lashes with a mix of lengths.

  1. Round Eyes

Got those striking, round eyes like Kylie Minogue? To enhance their shape, aim for eyelash extensions that give a lift. A cat-eye style, where longer lashes are applied towards the outer corner, can create a mesmerizing elongation effect. It’s perfect for adding a touch of glamour to your everyday look.

  1. Hooded Eyes

For the gorgeous ladies with hooded eyes, the key is to open up the eye area. Opt for lashes that are longer in the middle. This style can beautifully frame your eyes, giving them a more open and awake appearance, which is fantastic when you’re enjoying an outdoor concert in Adelaide or exploring the art galleries of Canberra.

  1. Deep-Set Eyes

Deep-set eyes are enchanting and can be enhanced with long, curly lash extensions. This type adds depth and opens up the eye area, perfect for when you want your eyes to pop, whether you’re at a business meeting in Sydney’s CBD or having a coffee in Melbourne’s laneways.

  1. Monolid Eyes

For monolid beauties, creating depth and dimension is key. A combination of different lash lengths with a fluttery, more natural volume can give your lashes a fuller look. This style is perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions, like a day at the races during Melbourne Cup season.

  1. Close-Set Eyes

If your eyes are closer together, a good technique is to focus the length and volume of your extensions towards the outer edge. This approach creates an illusion of width, making your eyes look further apart. It’s a great trick for a subtle yet impactful look, ideal for brunch in Brisbane or a night out in Hobart.

  1. Wide-Set Eyes

For those with wide-set eyes, you can create more balance by applying longer lashes towards the inner corner of your eyes. This style draws the eyes inward and can give you a sophisticated, balanced look, perfect for attending a sophisticated event in Perth or a wedding in the Barossa Valley.


No matter your eye shape, there's a lash style that's just right for you. Remember, the key to great eyelash extensions is not just about following trends; it's about enhancing your natural beauty and feeling confident in your look. So next time you book an appointment at your local lash salon, keep these tips in mind, and you’ll walk out feeling more fabulous than ever!

Whether you're strolling through the streets of Sydney, enjoying the beaches of the Gold Coast, or embracing the cultural vibes of Melbourne, your lashes will have never looked better!

As an avid beauty enthusiast and professional lash artist, I blend artistry with precision to transform each client's lashes into their dream look. With years of experience in the bustling beauty scene of Australia, I've mastered the art of customizing eyelash extensions to perfectly suit individual styles and eye shapes. Passionate about enhancing natural beauty, I ensure every set of lashes not only looks stunning but also feels comfortable and lasts.


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