What causes anal fissures?

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Anal fissures are cracks, fissures or disruptions on the skin surface around the anus. These fissures are comparable to small wounds that may cause acute or chronic pain, itching, irritations, and difficulties in defecation. These tears are present inside the anus, particularly in the area where the skin inside the rectum meets the skin of the anus. Of course, there’s only one question in your mind right now – what causes anal fissures? It’s time for you to find out.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and is composed of different parts. The epidermis is the outer layer of the skin. And this part of the skin is the most exposed to damages.

With regard to the skin on the anus, when it’s stretched too much, or when it’s irritated too much, that’s where the problem occurs.

Sometimes, anal fissures are said to be caused by the dryness of the skin area on the anus, which in turn makes the surface quite rough. This rougher epidermis is likely to disrupt or break out, that’s why it forms cracks or fissures.

Apart from the dryness of the skin, there are also other things which might cause the cracking of the anal surface. These are:

  1. Frequent Constipation- the hardening of the feces may contribute to the breaking of the skins, as the pressure on the surface becomes too much. That is why it is greatly advised for someone experiencing anal fissures to have high fiber food on a regular basis. It’s also recommended for people to avoid food that may cause constipations.

  2. Postponing of defecation- when you feel the urge to go to the bathroom and you postpone it a little while, that’s when the amount of feces would increase. This makes it difficult to expel the feces and may cause too much pressure on the anal surface. This eventually leads to tears.

  3. Too much strain on the anal sphincter- the anal sphincter is the circular muscle found on the anus. This is where feces are being expelled, and if they build up and get harder, this causes too much strain or pressure on the anal sphincter. Because of that, cracks or fissures may appear on the surface.

  4. Pregnancy/Giving birth- when the skin on the anus has been stretched too much, chances are high that fissures will appear.

  5. Pressure or tension on the surface- sometimes friction from toilet paper or other things might slightly damage the anal skin. If these materials are rubbed over the skin with too much pressure, irritations and cracking might occur.

  6. Improper digestion and defecation- the damage on the anal surface is sometimes related to improper digestion. This might cause constipation, stool hardening, and improper defecation. Due to this, the skin might be damaged and cracked.

What causes anal fissures? Well, you finally know the answer and you now understand why it is a must to observe proper hygiene, and to avoid doing things that may cause the damage to the skin.

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