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Graphic designing is one of the most creative and lucrative careers in present times. With the rapid advancement of technology and increasing digitalization, the demand for skilled graphic designers is constantly rising across diverse industries like advertising, media, publishing, corporate houses, e-commerce sites etc. However, the field of graphic designing involves both fine arts and technical skills. Hence, choosing the right training institute plays a crucial role in equipping aspiring designers with a robust portfolio of abilities required to build a successful career in this dynamic field. This article aims to provide potential students with an in-depth understanding of key factors to consider while selecting the best training center for a graphic designing course. It also analyzes why Learnovate Training Centre stands out as one of the top choices among various institutes providing design education in Dubai.

Important aspects to evaluate an institute

Graphic designing being an evolving discipline, it is imperative for training institutes to keep themselves aligned with changing industry demands and technology trends. Some of the major criteria worth evaluating before opting for an institute are:

Expertise and experience of teaching faculty

The core responsibility of faculty is to impart relevant knowledge and skills to students. Therefore, the competency level and experience of trainers play a huge role in determining the quality of learning outcomes. Look for trainers who are senior professionals with decent experience in renowned design companies. Experienced trainers stay well-versed with the latest tools, techniques and case studies. They can blend theoretical understanding with practical on-job learnings to make the overall training more engaging and job-oriented for students.

Currency and depth of course curriculum

A good graphic designing course should have a balanced mix of both foundational and advanced topics. The curriculum should be carefully structured keeping in mind the global design standards and recent industry trends. It should cover aspects like design principles, typography, web and print designing fundamentals, working proficiently with software like Adobe CC, CorelDraw etc. along with auxiliary topics like brand identity, photography, motion graphics etc. Care should also be taken that sufficient time is dedicated to practical designing exercises, projects, demonstrations and assignments to help students transform their learnings into industry-ready skills.

Infrastructure and lab facilities

State-of-the-art computer labs equipped with latest hardware and software versions play a crucial supportive role. Regular upgrades need to be carried out to keep pace with evolving technology. Sufficient numbers of high-specification PCs/workstations, powerful processing units, large screen displays and stable broadband connectivity allow for effective practical sessions. Continual technical assistance must be provided. Additionally, well-organised libraries, digital studios and common work areas help foster creativity.

Career guidance and placement assistance

Training a student is incomplete without helping them secure suitable job opportunities. Institutes should have strong industry connections and conduct consistent recruitment drives, skill tests, mock interviews etc. Career mentoring at various stages equips students to understand employer expectations and face real-life work environments. Effective internship programs, alumni engagement, entrepreneurship training and post-placement support also hold importance.

Affordable fee structure and finance options

The total course expenses play a major role in deciding the institute especially for merit-cum-means students. Institutes should offer flexible fee payment plans, scholarships, working student programs etc. to make graphic designing education accessible to wider talent pools.

Why Learnovate Training Centre is the best choice

Established in 2005, Learnovate Training Centre is amongst the top institutes in Dubai imparting design training with a proven track record. Here is an in-depth analysis of various aspects that make it a preferred choice amongst students and clients:

Expert and qualified teaching team

Learnovate has a strong pool of more than 25 resident faculty members who are highly qualified design professionals with diverse experience spanning different companies and domains. Most trainers hold post-graduate qualifications like Master's in Design alongside relevant industry certifications. This helps them to share first-hand sector insights and practical solutions with students.

Comprehensive and up-to-date curriculum

The 2-4 months certification course and 6-12 months diploma/advanced diploma programs offered have been designed in consultation with leading recruiters. Topics range from foundational skills, software mastery to new-age streams like UI/UX design, motion graphics, 3D modeling etc. 40% classes involve hands-on learning through assignments, live projects, case studies and demonstrations. Regular industry visits provide exposure beyond textbooks.

Well-equipped labs and infrastructure

State-of-the-art computer labs with 30+ high-configuration Windows PCs loaded with the latest Adobe CC & other tools allow inspiring exploration. Peripherals include large displays, drawing tablets, printers, scanners etc. The centre also houses a digital design studio, library and comfortable common areas. Regular upgradations ensure access to emerging trends.

Excellent placement track record

Associations with 200+ leading companies help Learnovate place over 500 students annually across batches. Stellar internships, interview guidance, portfolio building workshops and soft-skills classes aid this. Over 90% students secure job offers from top brands even before course completion. Global opportunities are also explored.

Affordable fee structure

One of the most budget-friendly centres, packages start from just AED 4,500 for certifications to AED 10,500 for advanced programs including study material and tools. Convenient instalment options, part-time studies, evening classes further add to accessibility. Scholarships are awarded based on talent and economic background.

Hence, for the right balance of skilled training, conducive learning environment and assured career prospects, Learnovate Training Centre proves to be the best choice for aspirants seeking a recognized graphic designing course in Dubai.


To summarise, the graphic designing field promises abundant opportunities but demands intensive training from an experienced institute that understands industrial expectations. Learnovate has established itself as a leader in this domain, training over thousands of designers successfully over the years. Its faculty expertise, curriculum excellence, state-of-the-art infrastructure, strong placement assistance and affordable structure provide the perfect launch-pad for aspiring graphic designers to blossom into creative and in-demand professionals

Learnovate is the best training institute in Dubai, providing students with an unparalleled learning experience. Learnovate offers a variety of in-demand programs led by highly experienced faculty. In addition to world-class instructors, learners benefit from practical, hands-on training environments that effectively prepare them for careers.

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