Unlocking Potential: A Comprehensive Summary of 100x Business Workforce


  • Author John Masub Parvez
  • Published May 26, 2024
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Drawing on 7+ years of research and a transformative nonprofit experience, "100x Business Workforce" author John Masud Parvez reveals a critical insight: people are the true infrastructure of a successful company. His passion for aligning purpose with profit ignited when he faced burnout while trying to scale his nonprofit. Traditional HR methods proved ineffective, leading him to develop innovative models and tools for fostering "micro-breakthroughs" that drive exponential company growth.

This book shares the stories of HR professionals like Sarah and Mai, who struggled with outdated tools and limited opportunities in a rapidly evolving business landscape. It emphasizes that today's HR leaders must become strategic partners, driving business goals rather than just managing processes.

Who Should Read This Book:

● HR professionals seeking to become key drivers of business growth

● CEOs and founders who want to maximize the potential of their workforce.

● Manager who wants to build up superstar team in the company


John Masud Parvez wrote "100x Business Workforce" after six years of HR research. His own experience founding the non-profit VSHR exposed a critical truth: without the right people strategy, even purpose-driven organizations struggle. Frustrated by traditional HR methods, he sought a way to align passion with performance. Combining his CIO and business expertise with lessons from mentors, he created innovative HR tools and models. Applying these to VSHR led to rapid growth and impact, proving his powerful belief:

“People are the infrastructure of a Company.”

Business Breakthrough and Microbreakthrough

A company or organization needs to continuously create micro-breakthroughs by the workforce and leader of the company to build up the progressive momentum that finally takes a company to the next level in terms of business growth. A company’s HR department needs to constantly focus on people, expertise, and strategy to facilitate micro-breakthroughs for the workforce and leaders. The beauty is also the different expertise, people, and strategies required to facilitate different micro-breakthroughs at different business levels. That sounds like a puzzle, right? But you will find a vision, roadmap, approach, tools, methodologies, and templates to make that happen for your company when you reach the last page of this book.

Career Story of HR Professional

The book commences with the narrative of Sarah Nguyen, who initially excelled in her role. However, shifting industry dynamics, varying business levels, and CEO expectations shook her confidence and hindered her career achievements. The underlying issue stemmed from her lack of access to updated tools and guidelines essential for success in this evolving landscape. Additionally, the book shares the story of Mai Nguyen, who tirelessly endeavored to prove herself and even pursued opportunities in smaller-sized businesses to advance her career in HR. Despite her efforts, she faced challenges securing these opportunities as CEOs, COOs, and GMs sought HR leaders capable of actively contributing to business growth and objectives. The book emphasizes that to acquire such skill sets, HR professionals require access to a comprehensive toolbox and ample practice opportunities to effectively demonstrate their capabilities during interview discussions.

What type of HR leader are you or are you becoming?

In HR, there are four primary career segments that range from entry-level positions to more senior positions: advisors, service providers, and solution providers. This book provides, a mindmap of 8 types of CHRO as follows:

The Greek philosopher Aristotle, who was born in Stagira in 384 BC, is regarded as one of the most important thinkers in Western philosophy. He studied under Plato and afterward served as Alexander the Great's tutor. Once Aristotle said,

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."

This book will therefore lead you on a cooperative journey of thoughtful reflection and brainstorming that will increase your productivity. By actively engaging with the content, you will discover more about your personality, philosophy, strengths, and sense of self. Additionally, you will gain a wide range of pertinent skills that will improve your ability to grow both personally and professionally. By the time you finish reading this book, you will have a deeper understanding of your identity and values in the context of workforce transformation. You will also know how to use your newly gained skills and knowledge to get past roadblocks in the HR transformation process, pursue your goals with confidence and purpose. To identify the core strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, the author has developed and shared the CHRO Expertise Scorecard, which is helpful. click here. This scorecard provides guidelines, a customized report, and industry benchmarks, and there are no fees for this.

Besides that, the book has different types of smoke tests to identify the present position of the HR departments. Here, positions mean how the other department staff, leaders, and CEO look at the HR department.

3P Principles framework to build 10x Workforce

Author-guided, we will leverage the 3P Principle framework, which will aid us in comprehending and addressing three fundamental principles for the company. This framework will serve as a valuable resource for guiding our next steps. So let’s start with the first principle

Principle 1: What game are we in business?

The concept of an infinite game mindset in business comes from the book "The Infinite Game" by Simon Sinek. An infinite game is a game with no defined endpoint, where the goal is to keep playing and to keep others in the game as well. In the context of business, an infinite game mindset means focusing on long-term success and staying in the game for the long haul, rather than just trying to win short-term victories.

How does this create a blind spot for the HR department or manager? A human resources (HR), manager or CEO strategy lacking an infinite game mindset often focuses solely on short-term wins and immediate objectives, neglecting long-term sustainability and adaptability. Instead of fostering a culture of continuous improvement and growth, such a strategy may prioritize cost-cutting measures, reactive problem-solving, and rigid policies. This approach can lead to disengaged employees, high turnover rates, and an inability to navigate evolving challenges in the competitive landscape. Without an infinite game mindset, HR strategies may struggle to foster innovation, nurture talent development, and align with the organization's overarching goals and values.

Principle 2 How do you win the infinite game of business?

Think of growing a business like climbing a staircase. You've got to reach that amazing view at the top, but you need to take each step to get there. Businesses need those smaller wins to keep moving forward. But, if you're busy trying to solve problems way up on the 5th floor when you're still on the first, well, you're going to get stuck.

Those first-floor problems don't just disappear – they'll trip you up later. So, the big question is: how do we figure out where we are on the staircase and tackle those problems head-on so we can keep climbing?

Principle 3 How do we solve the right problem at the right time?

First things first – businesses don't grow in a straight line. There are stages, and things like money, profits, and all that financial stuff are good indicators of where you're at. Now, every industry's a little different, and how fast you move depends on a bunch of factors.

But generally, we can define businesses in five common stages – from making zero dollars all the way up to those huge companies generating revenue in billions. Let's break down each stage by how much money the business makes in a year. Our goal? Figure out what it takes to get a perfect 10/10 score and move on up to that next level!

In the above table, the author showed a table that is called the 10x business growth framework. This framework clearly shows what we need to focus on to grow our business in different stages. So as HR professionals, CEOs, and managers, we need to identify the priorities at different stages of the business. The framework table has stages. At each stage, we will develop the micro-aesthetic to propel the business forward. How to create those breakthroughs? This 100x Business Workforce is the toolbox that provides step-by-step guidelines, resources, and tools for HR professionals to create breakthroughs.

The meaning of Productivity

Author said:

Productivity is when the workforce is actually doing the right thing at the right time, done by the right people in the company.

An entrepreneur or business owner doesn't just sell products or services; they sell the entire business. They oversee its operations, while others, like the CEO, leaders, and executives, play key roles within the business. Think of it like a hamburger: while meat, cheese, and bread are important ingredients, it's their combination that makes the burger. Similarly, in business, each role contributes to overall success. Let's explore those roles with our Pro Business Hamburger framework

Here is a business setting when we compare that with a hamburger, which we call the Pro Hamburger framework. Here are the roles we have in this framework

The bacon slice: CEO, is the one who is working on business strategies for growing the business.

The Beef: These are the muscles of the company who are the executives of the company, executing all the different functions and taking the business forward.

The Cheese: This is the manager, who is gluing together all the executives (beef) and ensuring there are no gaps between them and execution is done seamlessly.

Top Bun: This is the face of the company, which is typically called branding, but it actually represents the trust of the company. That’s why people want to buy the products and services of the company and want to join the company as employees.

Bottom Bun: This is the connection between employees, products, brands, and customers. This one acts as the frame for the whole Humbarger.

Tomatoes: These are the processes and rules in the company to keep it on the growth track. So these work as guidelines for how someone can work and take part of the company’s growth, success, operations, etc.

The Game Manager: The HR department acts as the game manager, responsible for putting together the hamburger. This includes sourcing ingredients, ensuring they're added in the right order, sticking to the recipe, and packaging the hamburger correctly. That’s why, in this book, the author addressed the ‘HR department team members as ‘Game Managers’.

A game manager must master a few key factors to successfully deliver an outstanding game to the industry and shareholders. First and foremost, as game managers, we need to learn, understand, and support the CEO to garner their attention and endorsement. We must also focus on creating, onboarding, cultivating, and upskilling our leaders and effectively executing their strategies. As game managers, our mission is to develop trust, establish rules and processes, and foster connections among the CEO, leaders, executives, company products and services, and customers. The pressing question then arises: how can we accomplish this effectively and efficiently as game managers? This is precisely what we will explore throughout this book in the upcoming chapters, along with acquiring all necessary resources, tools, and support.

10x Workforce Equation

The author provided a valuable scorecard to identify and assess any company's or team’s productivity level. The scorecard is here

The book demonstrates the equation an HR leader or professional needs to create in the business to facilitate growth. Because this is the equation that clearly defines the lever an HR department can create inside the business.

The author described that we have ultimate leverages in this equation. By focusing on the talent, we can always onboard talents, encourage them, and build a bigger team as well. And there is no limit on this.

Winner Workforce = High Talent (10x) X High Skillset (10x)

On the other hand, we can always upskill, reskill, and add new skills to our workforce based on our direction and business strategy. And there is no limit on this as well.

Winner Workforce = High Talent (10x) X High Skillset (10x)

So when we do both in the right direction, we build a winning workforce that takes our business revenue to billions of USD.

So now the equation completes like this:

Winner Workforce = High Talent (10x) X High Skillset (10x)

To make the equation effective, the HR department needs to focus on the four factors: character traits, skills, and business system.

The transformative cycle in the loop

The whole idea behind the "HR Transformation Toolbox" book is that it's not a one-and-done deal. It's about this cycle of learning and doing. You read chapters 2 through 9, get those big ideas, and then use the tools and resources in the book to actually apply them in your company.

Think of it like a continuous loop. You improve a little, then learn some more, then improve again. With each cycle, your team gets better, you tackle bigger challenges, and the whole business moves forward. We call those little improvements "micro-breakthroughs," and they add up over time. The "100x Business Workforce" book is your guide for this whole process. It's got everything you need to make those changes happen.

This way of thinking is inspired by experts like Peter Senge – they're all about businesses constantly learning and getting better. That's how you create a company that can adapt and really thrive!

Win Award to Build Credibility

From the research, the author found that 70% of HR initiatives are lacking the right amount of support from the CEO. So the HR department needs to demonstrate the credibility of the CEO and other business leaders to win the right amount of support. So the 100x Business Workforce Book inspires and provides a step by step process to win an HR award. There are many HR awards, but the Pro Alpha Award is an award that directly recognizes the different transformative HR projects and honors HR leaders and professionals. The details of the award are here

What you can have from the book:

Since 2019, the author has dedicated approximately five years and 5000+ hours to writing this book, undergoing around ten editorial reviews before its first edition was published. He invested this considerable effort because the author aimed to create a comprehensive toolbox resource for HR professionals and leaders seeking to transform their company's workforce to unlock its 100x business growth potential.

The author personally doesn't enjoy reading a book that only gives me a lot of theories without clearly explaining the steps to execute them. So, he made sure to include lots of research insights, practical tips, tools, frameworks, and actionable steps, along with the big ideas in this book.

This book is not about just reading and understanding useful concepts. Because

● You will receive transformative ideas for workforce transformation

● You will learn how to measure various aspects of the workforce.

● You will receive tools to transform key factors in the workforce of your business.

● You will receive research insights that will provide a benchmark for the industry.

● To achieve 10x business growth, you will have a step-by-step toolbox to transform your company’s workforce.

● As the HR leader or professional, you will have a transformative skillset that will enable you toward career success and fulfillment.

In this book, '100x Business Workforce,' the author also included a helpful memory hack to ensure you remember and apply the concepts presented. You will come across quotes in various chapters that, when used in your work, act as keys to unlock mental models.

Bonus and Priority List Benefits

This book also includes scorecards and templates in different chapters. You can use these resources at no additional cost in your workforce transformational endeavor. The book will be available by Q3 2024, with a limited number of copies. There will be a raffle draw among the wishlist participants, and 20 participants will receive additional tools, parks, a 1-1 coaching session with the author, and many more surprises. To have one of the limited edition copies of 100x Business Workforce book, join the wishlist now here

100x Workforce Community support

Another unique factor and add-on benefit of this book is that author John Masud Parvez has also established a LinkedIn community to keep updated on the book, industry insights, frameworks, tools, and resources. The best part of this community is that any HR professional can directly raise their present challenges in the workforce where they are trying to solve them by using 100x business workforce methodologies and get specific advice from the author or 100x business workforce coaches to implement them successfully. Let’s join the 100x Workforce Community here

https://www.health-revolution.org/100x.html. John Masud Parvez is Ceo of VSHR PRO ACADEMY

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