How to Find the Best Botox Training Certification Classes

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  • Author Gregory Zengo, Md
  • Published June 18, 2024
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Registered Nurses, did you know you are eligible to train in Botox and Dermal Fillers in the same small group courses that train Physicians? Yes, PracticalCME which has been treating CME-accredited training in aesthetic procedures is fully open to RN’s and NP’s to register and get certified in 9 cities throughout the US. Live training courses with hands-on is now available in Florida (West Palm Beach and Orlando/Daytona Beach), Atlanta, Charlotte, Washington DC Metro, New York, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Seattle. In October, PracticalCME will be expanding to Chicago.

It is essential for Nurses to get trained in an Accredited environment. Our courses are Certified by AAFP, which means our credits are backed by AMA Category 1 and Accepted by ANCC for nurses, AANP for Nurse Practitioners, and AAPA for physician assistants. Many training programs advertised on the Top 10 of search do not even have this basic accreditation, and their certificates are just a worthless piece of paper.

Our boutique, premium training is the only option that has FAST TRACK™ learning. This means you get the entire course up front to watch at your own pace and earn your first of two certifications prior to hands-on. Moreover, we teach you everything you need to know for Botox and Fillers that patients really want. We do not make you travel and pay additional for “advanced” or “Level 2” and “Level 3” courses. Why do these other companies withhold information from their main course? That is not ethical.

Also, with PracticalCME, there are no bogus membership fees or meaningless buzzwords meant to confuse you. Did you know that many words commonly used to sell other training programs, are completely meaningless marketing terms? There is no such thing as a “master” or “advanced” “injector”. Anyone can call themselves that. Also, fake “Boards”, “American Academy of…”, “Institute of…” do not imply any special status or position of authority. There is no official Board of aesthetic medicine or official accrediting body, and there never will be. You are learning a skill and a single procedure, not a specialty like “Critical Care” or “Family Planning” that takes months to years of additional training in an academic institution.

Finally, the location of your training and qualified instructor’s name should be on each training course listing. Otherwise, you cannot check the credentials of the person you are paying thousands of dollars to train you? This is insane. The #1 company for most searches does not tell you either. Instead, they have a faculty page showing a bunch of Dentists and a few nurses. Dentists cannot even legally inject cosmetic Botox in 20 states. The #2 on search does not list a single faculty member. Why do you think this is true? Are they underqualified? Are they unlicensed in the states they are teaching? These are situations you should not spend your hard-earned money on.

PracticalCME has been the transparent, MD-taught premium training option that will never use the gimmicks above. Find out more on our website or live chat with us anytime.

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