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  • Author Bob Maines
  • Published November 18, 2007
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Shopping for your average man is easy, just think of what we like and what we talk about. Most of us men are into sports, gadgets, loud music and of course, beer. Here are ten gift ideas that are sure to make just about any man happy.

#1 Sirius Stiletto 2

This crafty toy is set to be released just in time for the holiday season. It is the latest portable radio from SIRIUS and allows you to listen to SIRIUS Satellite Radio just about anywhere (not just the car or your home). As an added bonus, you can toss your favorite MP3 songs into memory and listen to them while you are on the go. Satellite radio and MP3 all in one, plus live satellite radio when you're not plugged in, what more could we ask for?

#2 Sports Memorabilia

Most men obsess with their team and cheer for their favorite players down to the last second of the game. A jersey of our favorite player provides an additional way to fuel our enthusiasm for the game. A step further would be an autographed item we can hang on the wall and show off every day. Just make sure you get the team right or your great idea may go up in flames (literally).

#3 Video iPod Nano

Everyone has one so why shouldn't he? The good thing about iPods is that they not only provide great music and video, but also act as a portable USB hard drive (perhaps it can be written off as a business expense). These come in a variety of sizes and colors. Play it safe and stick with classic white or black.

#4 Digital Picture Frame

There are times during the day when we think about our family and friends at work and all the great memories we've had (especially that hiking trip last fall). Digital picture frames are still rare around the office and have been coming down in price. Be nice and fill it up with a handful of memories but please keep them clean - what if my boss sees?

#5 iPhone

Another Apple product made it into the top 10. The iPhone is definitely the must have cell phone of the season. Anyone who has one can attest to the attention it brings. People just love to play with this new technology. The only thing with the iPhone is that you have to have service with AT&T, so make sure that is part of your planning.

#6 Sports Subscription or Tickets

Let's go back to our favorite team for a minute. Tickets to a sold out game or a matchup with our biggest rivals go a long way. Subscription to league broadcasting like NFL Sunday Ticket (if you have Direct TV) will also get our blood pumping. The Sunday Ticket will allow us to watch and enjoy every single NFL game for the entire season. So if we can't make it to the game, why not let us watch it at home?

#7 Power Tools

So this isn't a sure thing to get us off our butt and get that project done, but it's a start. Men all like new toys. It is in our blood. We also like building things in the garage with the radio on loud and a cold beverage. Power tools make just enough noise and are dangerous enough to clear the room of any unwanted bystanders, leaving us alone with our thoughts (and our beer).

#8 Golf Gift Card

Golf is fun, frustrating and expensive. We would go every week if we could afford it and could justify the five hours we're bound to spend out on the course. Golf gift cards could be your way of saying, "Enjoy yourself and take some time off". You could go one step further and make that tee time for us in advance.

#9 Beer of the month club

Beer is good. Good beer is better. There are a variety of "Beer of the Month" clubs out there and most of them focus on providing their customer with quality samples from small microbrews around the world. We will be reminded of your thoughfulness each time that package shows up. Please make sure the state we live in allows beer to be delivered to our door.

#10 Best Buy Gift Card

I know this seems so impersonal, but let me assure you that we love these. I love going into Best Buy with a $50 gift card and walking up and down every single aisle until I have made the important decision on what to spend my gift card on.

Bob Maines is a Satellite Radio Advisor with Sirius Specials, the premiere source for the best SIRIUS Satellite Radio deals for the home, car and on-the-go.

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