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  • Published February 6, 2008
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Acne is looked at as if it is a skin disease. Actually acne is a way more complex disorder, affecting mainly the facial skin and not that often the back, chest, shoulders. Acne developed in varies forms, from the common whiteheads (acne underneath the skin) and blackheads (surface skin acne), papule (red-pink bumps), pustule (pimples with a red base) to more severe forms such as cists and nodules which are deep skin painful pimples often causing scars.

Acne is not specific to a certain race or population group. Acne can affect virtually anybody since it doesn't have a proven cause. Studies showed that hormones may have a saying in developing acne. More specifically the oil produced by the sebaceous glands with the purpose of skin lubrication can be released sometimes in excess. When that is the case the oil can get clogged in the skin pores causing pimples.

Sometimes acne can be caused by the sebum blocked in the hair follicle. When a thin dear follicle hair tries to make it to the skin surface results in blocking the sebum in the follicle (a follicle is the channel linking an sebaceous glands to the skin surface).

Acne is one of the most common conditions today. Over 17 million Americans are affected by it, Mostly teenagers but adults have acne too. The most affected age range is 12-24 year olds. Puberty facilitates acne due to our active life stile and hormonal changes during this period.

Teenagers are the affected ones and also the ones suffering from the psychological impact resulting from such condition. It is the age when we build relationships, we get interested in the opposite sex, when our physical aspect becomes so important and any body imperfection can represent a drama for our self-image. Emotions come in play and sometimes building up stress can lead to more severe acne attacks!

The facial acne in particular can cause terrible embarrassment and can lead an individual to isolate himself. That is why the family and friends can help being supportive and showing that in fact that life is more than having a beautiful look!

Ideally you won't need to treat acne. You can prevent it from being a problem in your life by following a number of easy to follow rules:

  • clean your face daily with warm water: dirt can build up in your skin pores

  • get enough rest: rest is important and helps your skin regeneration

  • have an active lifestyle: exercising helps the blood flow which helps with skin oxygenation

If severe acne is an issue for you, maybe the most important step you can make is to see a dermatologist. A professional would be able to help well than anybody else.

In mild cases non-prescription treatments are good enough. The best one out there is ClearPores, which is a complete system for acne treatments. The complete system include three products : a cleaning system which helps unclogging your skin from oil deposits and skin debris, an effective acne bacteria killing solution which works deep into your pores and finally a product for skin maintenance preventing future acne attacks.

It covers all your condition's aspects and keeps you clean and acne free on long term. It can't get any better than that.

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