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  • Published February 12, 2008
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Discontinued Women’s Fragrances Can Bring Back Memories: The Mom Smell and More

An appropriate quote for discontinued women's fragrances:

"When nothing else subsists from the past [but a fragrance], after the people are dead, after the things are broken and scattered the smell and taste of things remain poised a long time, like souls bearing resiliently, on tiny and almost impalpable drops of their essence, the immense edifice of memory" -Marcel Proust (From 'The Remembrance of Things Past')

Distant Memories, Recalled From an Odor?

Think back in your head about the various smells you can remember from your lifetime. Your mother's perfume might be one of them. Gasoline oil or engine fuel may be another if you had one of those dads that worked out in the garage. Perhaps the aroma of fresh cut grass clippings remind you of the summer where you started your own business, or the scent of citrus leaves reminds you of the trees you climbed up and hid in as a child.

Whether the smells of your childhood were foul ones (the smell of rotting garbage) or pleasant (the smell of roses from the gardens in your neighborhoods), there are still mental and behavioral responses to those fragrances that are worth considering. They get a reaction; when you smell something you either cringe and cover your mouth if it is foul, smile and breathe in deeply if it is pleasant, or go about your business if it is faint and non-offensive or neutral.

Searching for Discontinued Women’s Fragrances on the Web

These days, the internet has created yet another avenue for those out there who are on the prowl for discontinued fragrances. There are so many reasons why people may seek out discontinued fragrances on the web, but the main reasons are sentimental reasons. Perhaps they have had that fragrance in the past and really liked the way it mixed with their own body chemistries; perhaps their mother had it as a child and it brings back the infamous 'mom smell' that people seem to be so intently in search of. Perhaps they had this fragrance before and got a lot of compliments on it or they have just heard a lot about it and want to give it a try. For whatever reason, there are so many searches for discontinued fragrances put in each and every day, as people are constantly in search of one or another.

Many people might wonder why some people take the importance of certain fragrances, discontinued and otherwise, to heart. There are so many reasons why a person may search high and low for a certain women's perfume or cologne, but scientifically speaking there is a great deal of evidence pointing to the fact that smell is the single most important of the five senses. This is not just for humans, but animals as well; even dogs strongly rely on scents to get so many things accomplished, including finding food and deciding whether or not it is fit for them, finding their way home, and even finding a suitable mate for themselves.

While human beings don't necessarily depend on smells for reproduction, seventy five percent of the taste that they come into contact with hinges on a functional and sensitive sense of smell. Pinch your nose and eat a potato or an onion and see if they taste quite the same to you; chances are that they likely do not.

Popular Discontinued Women’s fragrances

There are so many fragrances out there that have been discontinued but are still available somewhere for those who are willing to put in the right work to find them. Here are some of the popular discontinued fragrances and even some of the ones that people may have forgotten about. This is just a sampling of the many fragrances out there that are still available through some avenues, but have been officially taken off of the market by their creating companies.

•Aramis Havanna Eau De Toilette

•Alyssa Ashley Musk

•Amouage Gold Cristal (men's cologne)

•Balenciaga La Fuite des Heures by Germaine Collier

•Must de Cartier

•Charigan Fleurs de Tabac

•Vivara by Emillio Pucci

•Faberge Woodhue

•Fresh Index Mandarine Amber

•Daude Seve Exquise by Victoire Gobin

•Shiseido Inoui

•Colony by Patou

•Incense by Matthew Williamson

•Laura Ashley No. 1

•Laroche Fidji by Guy

•Chin Chang Parfum by Hughes Guerlain

Where to Purchase Your Own Desired Discontinued Fragrances

If you are in search of certain discontinued fragrances for yourself, there are a variety of places on the World Wide Web that you might be able to use for your search. Some resources have a more slanted selection than others, meaning that they lead more toward one specific perfume company than another. There are several resources out there for people who are looking for discontinued fragrances; to name a few:

•Fragrance Net


•Fragrance X


•EBay (Auction and Ecommerce site)


•The Fragrances Catalog


•Taste Life


No matter what type of discontinued fragrances you are looking for, if you put in the right search you might be surprised as to what you are able to come up with. If you are searching for a fragrance to bring back a memory, you are on the way to finding a small piece of happiness and remembrance, just for yourself. Discontinued women’s fragrances doesn’t mean unavailable, just harder to find.

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