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  • Author Darren Dunner
  • Published July 25, 2006
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Nobody likes a copycat! Remember this as you read this article on blog tip. If you are going to take the time to build a blog dont waste it by taking other content. There are some very educated people who take time to write these articles to actually help the reader accomplish things that otherwise would be a mystery. So dont steal their thunder by taking credit for such things.

Most of us know what a blog directory is. Most of us have some knowledge that everyone who has an online presence needs an online blog. Most of us do not realize that blogging in the wrong way is a waste of your time!

Today you can search and find blogs everywhere on the net, it seems when you search the major directories that blogs show up in top positions. Is your blog appearing in these places? If not, then maybe you don`t know something that these other bloggers do know.

Install your blog directly on your site Make sure you are using full search engine friendly urls with these blogs Do not copy other blogs and post them on your blog as this is duplicate content and will hurt you Add at least 1 post a week if not more If you are unsure about these mentioned above contact us for assistance.

Now let's get to the good tip.

· Key word relevant content: Meaning, stay focused on 1 subject and about 2 - 4 related keywords or phrases. Decide ahead of time what you will write about, do research to see if the topic has keywords that match and use those keywords.

· With those keywords or phrases spread them out so they appear within every 100 words or so.

· Add your URL in the first sentence & approx every 100 words using it about 3 times max. Dont do more then this as it wont help at that point

· Make sure after you have written your article to do a spell and grammar check.

· Install your blog on your own URL. You will find that your links from your blog going to other sources will count more if these are installed directly on your site

· Notify Blog Servers by pinging them.

Don’t waste time on this anymore, get your blog, get listed on directories and increase your page rank. So what are you waiting for make up your own blog and start blogging.

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