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  • Author Amit Raju
  • Published February 8, 2008
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Starting a hair salon needs extensive research in the field. Apart from obtaining the license from the government and completing other formalities, it is also essential to do a complete survey of the possible competitors. It is very essential that the hair salon is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipments and furniture. This creates the perfect ambiance to attract clients and generate customer satisfaction. If it is not feasible for new businessmen to procure new equipments and furniture then they can easily opt for used hair salon furniture.

A hair salon primarily needs styling chairs, shampoo stations and hair dryer chairs. Cabinets and mirrors are also essential. A wide range of both, new used hair salon furniture is available in the market. Buying used furniture makes it possible to invest in other essential needs of the salon. It is however recommended that the buyers ensure that the furniture is in good working condition. The chairs should not be broken from anywhere and the adjustable levers should be smooth in operation. The cabinets and the sinks should also not be chipped from anywhere.

Salon Interiors offers some very beautiful hair salon furniture at very affordable rates. This is primarily because these have been previously owned by someone else. However, they are in excellent condition. The seller refurbishes the used furniture to breathe new life into them. Therefore, they look almost new. There is a wide range of shampoo stations, shampoo basins and styling chairs available from this seller at very reasonable rates.

There are some very good condition used hair salon furniture available online. Almost every leading brand, be it Belvedere or Pibbs, has its used products for sale online. One Belvedere product, a bowl made of cast iron, is available at an astonishing price of $199.00 USD. These are covered with porcelain and can be sent for re-glazing. They are in extremely good condition and one is even available with fixtures.

Another used but very good salon furniture up for sale is the dryer chair from Takara. These chairs are extremely soft and gray in color. These come with dryers attached in the back and are very comfortable and elegant. Priced at $149.00, these are an excellent buy at very reasonable rates. Styling chairs are also available from Veeco. Originally priced at $800, the used piece is marked at $149.00 only. Available in purple and green colors, they look especially good in kids' hair salon.

The used hair salon furniture serves the dual purpose of equipping a hair salon and saving money. It not only makes the salon look good but also allows the owner to spend on other more essential requirements. In fact, used furniture is the perfect solution for small businessmen.

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