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  • Author Chloe Williams
  • Published February 21, 2008
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Organic Skincare wasn't anything I ever really thought about. Along with all of my friends I was taken in by the mass advertising tycoons and suckered into buying brand cosmetics and skincare that claimed to be the best in the business. That was until I noticed how much my 'everyday gentle moisturiser ' had started to sting my face. I read the ingredients and to be honest I wasn't surprised I couldn't read half of the names. This is what we've come to expect from our beauty products. But it did get the ball rolling.

I was shocked to discover the facts about organic skincare and I am sure you will be to. This is because 74% of all commercial and some so-called natural skin care product brands contain a mixture of:

  1. Carcinogens (cancer-causing chemicals)

  2. Teratogens (causing birth defects)

  3. Reproductive toxins (male & female infertility)

  4. Developmental toxins (unborn children)

  5. Skin/sense organ toxicants (skin disease and rashes)

  6. Allergenic Toxicants (causing allergies)

  7. Mutagens (pre-cursor to cancer)

It started a process of renewal in my life and step by step I have become more natural. I'm not talking eco warrior here but I realised that this chemical inundated carbon fuelled world is not something I want to contribute to. I would much rather adapt my life slightly towards creating a greener climate. And a good starting point was my bathroom cabinet.

Many beauty junkies would become physically ill at the thought of losing their beauty products but this doesn't have to happen in order to go green. There are some fantastic beauty websites which can provide natural and organic products which are not only better for you and the environment but they leave your hair and skin feeling beautifully clean.

Spend a little time questioning your beauty products. With so much care taken over diet these days it is the perfect time to readdress what you slap on your skin.

I am an organic beauty junkie who is trying to spread the word about quality organic beauty products and the benefits they can have on your skin.

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