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  • Author Elizabeth Boardman
  • Published February 28, 2008
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The humidity, the snow, and the oh so cold temperature - winter is really one horrible season for the health of your skin. It can leave your skin uncomfortable, making it feel dry and itchy. The thing that you need to do is try not to let it get worse, or better yet, treat it before the problem even starts. How can you do it? Here are a few simple things to help you maintain that healthy skin all year long.

Keeping skin protected is probably one of the things people usually ignore during winter. What people don't realize is that the sun's rays are practically the same in the winter as they are in the summer. The chances of exposure is greater because of the snow reflection during winter. Sunblock is still as important in winter as they are during summer especially if you like going outdoors and like doing winter outdoor activities.

For people having sensitive skin, winter clothing should be chosen wisely. Now how can clothing be connected to having unhealthy skin? Skin that is prone to dryness and itchiness will be more vulnerable during the winter months. Changing clothing made of wool to cotton will help your skin become less prone from dryness and itch. Wool can become uncomfortable and can make skin irritated aside from the fact that it is already itchy.

Moisturizing the skin can't be stressed enough. During winter, skin can easily become dry due to the low humidity. Choosing the right moisturizer is another thing. Moisturizers that have skin softening ingredients like aloe would be better. Moisturizing is done best after bathing while the skin is still damp since this locks in moisture. Try to also use a heavier layer of moisturizer for those parts of the skin that'll be exposed in the dry winter air.

Bathing is a great way to wash the aches and pains that you get during the day and especially during winter. After arriving from home, take a relaxing soak in the tub with bath salts to relax warm up your body and soothe away any aches.

As we all know, even just staying a cold room, lips are the first to show signs of dryness, what more in the winter. The cold air dries out the lips and results in having chapped lips. This can be remedied by using a moisturizing lip gloss or lip balm since licking the lips just isn't the best thing to do since it'll only remove its nutrients.

The hands are one of the most exposed part of the body during these winter months. Wearing gloves should be considered as a habit since the hands will lose heat much faster than the rest of the body. Even during doing the dishes or cleaning, rubber gloves should still be worn.

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