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  • Published March 18, 2008
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Eczema or Seborrheic dermatitis is a skin disease which has many causes and reasons. Various external and internal factors but major causes are a suppressed immune system and environmental factors. Usually people who have Dermatitis have a weak immune system and sensitive skin which is prone to allergic reactions and irritants. Most of the allergies are caused by allergens, food allergies, external chemical contact and infections.

Thick scaly growth and reddish color is significant of Dermatitis and worsens with heat and humidity. Sometimes, stress also becomes a reason for eczema relapse leading to eruptions and discomfort. Dry and itchy skin is normally the ones which get irritated easily. Dry skin breaks easily and cracks are the way germs enter the body spreading it over the whole area.

Dry flaky skin usually occurs when the body's natural oily layer when the skin becomes dry. When it is unable to produce natural oil, the cells are unable to replenish and dry out. Dehydration of the body happens as you grow old and itchy skin is prone to Dermatitis and breaks outs happen when skin comes in contact with metal. Scratching increases Dermatitis and irritation increases. To cure Seborrheic dermatitis is by making the skin moisturized and clean. It is better to avoid the allergen and irritants which can be anything from perfumes, jewelry to personal allergies.

Another good method is to stop scratching and even if there is an urge to scratch, don't scratch. Apply intense moisturized lotions and creams, to sooth the itch and makes your skin smoother. Scratching causes the skin to break and increases discomfort while bathing in warm water and using a mild soap is helpful.

It is better to wash new clothes before wearing them as external infections, increase chances of infections. It is better to wear cotton which helps the skin breathe and limit the spread of Dermatitis. The dryness causes flakiness leads to cracking and chapping while intensive moisture helps the body becoming soft and supple.

Using good moisturizers and intensive creams are very useful to curb dryness which ultimately leads to Dermatitis. Using skin care products which help the cells get nourished and hydrated. Some people are not able to retain moisture and have flaky skin so they should moisturize after washing with water. Intensive scratching can lead to wounds so you should be careful. Avoid using harsh chemicals and artificial products that instigate allergic reactions.

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tyler · 11 years ago
ya my question is does laundry soap have a reaction to it as well because i was using some good ointment and now this stuff isnt workin so please conntact me thank you