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  • Published March 13, 2008
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For those who do not want to wear glasses but need vision correction, contact lenses offer an easy solution. Majority of the people wear contact lenses to correct vision, celebrities wear contact lenses to change the color of their eyes and athletes wear them to give extra sharp vision on the field.

Contact lenses are thin, plastic, transparent discs that are worn on the cornea. They correct refractive errors such as myopia and hyperopia. The eye does not focus directly on the retina for people with such defects. Contact lenses are shaped based on the vision problem to help the eye focus light directly on the retina and rectify the problem.

Contact lenses can be bought from an eye doctor, retail stores or an Internet site. Buying contact lenses online can be very convenient - just the click of a mouse. But before that, it should be verified whether that is the last option. There are certain steps to be followed before choosing the right place to buy contact lenses.

Focusing on value as well as the price might help in purchasing the correct contact lenses. In the contact lenses a combination of products and professional services are involved. Therefore, it should be checked whether the following are satisfied; availability, customer service, convenience, professional charges and price.

Pricing of contact lenses vary from doctor to doctor. People assume that lenses from doctors are expensive but some doctors sell larger quantities of lenses at low prices. Another advantage of buying a contact lens from the eye doctor is that they offer professional services like office visit, contact lens care product and other services along with the package. Optical chain stores may be a good option to buy discount contact lenses that offer them at "competitive prices".

Online retailers have the advantage of 24x7 availability and comparing prices is easy. The advantage of price-comparison sites is that we are introduced to sellers that we would not be able to find otherwise and they often include user reviews, which help to judge unfamiliar sellers.

There are different kinds of discounts like discount from the seller, discount from the manufacturer, discount for first time contact lens wearer and discounts for individuals who buy lenses and get an eye exam. Usually, only one discount can be made use of because proof of purchase is needed to be sent to one entity.

Any seller who is less expensive for a particular lens need not be expensive for all the lenses. The benefits of discount contact lenses are that there is a wide variety to choose from and many online sellers waive shipping costs if the order exceeds $50. So apart from making a great saving, the lenses arrive at the doorstep at no extra cost.

Internet retailers offer up to 70 percent or more discounts on new brand contacts and deliver them at doorstep. Free shipping and free lens cases can be included in discount contact lenses. Discount contact lenses are exactly the same as the local store lenses. In fact, most retailers order cheap contact lenses from online shops and sell them at substantially increased prices.

Vision benefits should be read very carefully because there is a vast difference between "30% of retail" and " 30 percent off retail."

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