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  • Published March 18, 2008
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Despite the best intentions of many men, a woman’s breasts are often one of the first places that men’s eyes will go. Personality is important and so are things like wit and humor, but if a woman doesn’t meet a man’s physical ideal then she is a lot less likely to be that man’s next date. If your own breasts are a little less than the ideal cup size, then perhaps you are thinking of breast augmentation in some form or another. 

While you may doubt the effectiveness of natural supplements designed to supplement your breast size, it is still worth a try before you attempt something as permanent and invasive as surgery. Surgery does not always go perfectly as planned, and can lead to unsightly scarring and to a result that is not quite what you intended.

Having your new breasts turn out differently than you wanted them. Artificial breasts can feel hard, unnatural and cumbersome, and do not always look as purely natural or feel as comfortable as you might wish. Breast enhancement supplement pills can help you to improve your looks and figure without the risks that are prevalent in breast enhancement surgeries and other surgical procedures. 

Even if you are convinced that breast enhancement pills will not work for you, you can be sure that they will at least not present any risks to you. A safe and risk-free herbal supplement does not pose any threats to your health, so isn’t it worth a try? 

At the very worst you will have wasted a little money compared to the thousands of dollars that it costs to have a breast enhancement procedure performed, and the rewards can be amazing. 

Watch your breasts swell over the course of weeks or months as you ingest these natural supplements. You will find that you are able to control the size of your breasts by simply taking or not taking the supplements, and before long you will have gone from figureless to full. Imagine the confidence that you will gain through knowing that your look has been enhanced.

This whole procedure sounds a lot nicer than dealing with the pain and expense of surgery and the uncertain results to follow. If your breasts are scarred or disproportionate, or if you find that you don’t like the look of them quite as large as they have gotten, or even if they are not large enough, what is your recourse? 

You could, possibly, sue the doctor who performed the surgery on you, but what would that gain you in the long run? Your breasts would still be damaged and possibly unflattering. 

Do you want to have children in the future? Breast augmentation surgery can damage breast tissue and make it painful or even impossible to breast feed a baby. One has to consider the future implications of procedures as invasive as a breast augmentation surgery before undergoing the procedure. 

If, however, your breasts are augmented naturally over time with the help of a breast enhancement pill or supplement, no damage to the tissue will occur, and your natural biological functions like breast-feeding will be preserved for the future. 

Considering the risks of breast enhancement surgery, it is amazing that anyone undergoes it at all. Although the results are almost instant, they may not be what you want. 

Do you really want to be rendered unconscious while someone else alters your appearance? This procedure allows you no say-so beyond the initial consultation, and if the surgeon decides, last minute, to make an alteration to the plans that were established, you have no way of voicing your opinion until after it is too late.

Why endure hours of pain and a lifetime of scarring, even minimal, if you can avoid it? Natural breast augmentation has been proven safe and effective time after time in clinical trials and in practice. 

Maybe you know someone yourself who has gone up a cup size or two in years past. This natural augmentation is anything but uncommon. In fact, more and more women are turning away from modern surgeries and returning to natural medications and supplements, including breast enhancement supplements.

Breast augmentation pills re-release the hormones that your body used to stimulate breast growth in adolescence. This herbal supplementation process does not cause all-over weight gain as the plastic surgeons would have you believe. The supplement’s hormones target the breast area specifically, allowing you to grow naturally the way that your body intended, even if it stopped a little early on its own. 

The risks of surgery far outweigh the gains when you realize that you can get a better version of the same results with breast enhancement pills. These over-the-counter supplements allow you to naturally create the body that you were meant to have. Isn’t that worth your time?

Steve Maszlagi has been promoting the benefits of herbal and alternative treatments through such websites as HerbalWorks Herbal Product Reviews for many years. The website has some reviews of natural breast enlargement products. He is a passionate believer in the power of herbal remedies over chemical based unnatural solutions.

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