At Home Chemical Peels - 4 Reasons Why a Home Chemical Peel is Better

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  • Author Linda Florentine
  • Published March 21, 2008
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At home chemical peels are much better than chemical peels you might receive in a dermatologist's office for a number of reasons. Let's look a the four most outstanding reasons the home chemical peel has gained such popularity among men and women who want to achieve younger, healthier-looking skin.


Perhaps the most profound benefit of home peels is their amazingly low cost when compared to in-office treatments. The cost of an on-site chemical peel generally varies depending upon the location of the doctor's office, the type of peel needed, and the experience of your skin care provider. With this in mind, you could pay $300 to $600 for a light peel, $500 to $1000 for a medium peel, and $2000 for a deep peel.

On the other hand, the average home chemical peel is comprised of a 6-day treatment that has a flat price of $80 to $250 for a basic peel and $220 to $660 for more advanced systems. As a result, you stand to save $220 to $1,340 by using at home chemical peels instead of going to a doctor's office for a series of high-priced treatments.

Dermatologist Quality

The quality of the average chemical peel done from home is on par with the same treatments used by your skin care provider. As a matter of fact, one company uses a formula that has been effectively used by millions of people for over 70 years with positive results across the board.

Quick & Easy to Use

A home chemical peel is also significantly quicker and easier to use than the average in-office treatments. With at home chemical peels you can achieve significant results within 6 days as opposed to multiple 2-hour treatments offered by many dermatologists. Factor in the time you'll spend in the waiting room and you'll end up spending a big chunk of your day at the doctor's office for each treatment.

Privacy & Comfort

When you choose to use a chemical peel kit, you can also enjoy the privacy and comfort of your own home as the 6-day treatment moves along. Your face goes through some pretty dramatic changes during a home chemical peel. You'll likely find it to your advantage to go through these changes in private.

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