Five Cellulite Myths Busted

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  • Published March 28, 2008
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In the quest to get rid of their unsightly cottage cheese look, women have often believed in certain advice that are said to get rid of cellulite. First, let's try to understand what cellulite really is. Those dimples and bumps that you see on your thighs and buttocks are actually fat deposits that have been trapped within the subcutaneous layer of the skin. No one really knows what really causes cellulite to form. But it is a fact that 90% of women do end up getting cellulite. Here we talk of the five notions about cellulite that women have always believed to be true, but are really just a big lump of lard.

One idea is that you can reduce cellulite by drinking more water. While water can be good for you since it can hydrate your skin, too much water can actually increase the appearance of cellulite rather than make them disappear. In fact, water alone will not make any difference to any kind of skin condition that you may have. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean you should forget to drink you daily allowance of eight glasses a day. You don't want to get dehydrated. You don't want to drown either!

Another myth is that exercise is said to prevent the formation of cellulite. The thing is even professional athletes end up developing cellulite. But regular exercise would mean less body fat. The less body fat you have, the less chance there is that the fat ends up within the pockets of skin's subcutaneous layer. Remember though that the right amount of body fat is still important as it serves as a natural insulation for you.

Some women end up getting liposuction in the belief that this removes cellulite. Unfortunately this is far from the truth. Any self-respecting cosmetic surgeon would NEVER recommend liposuction as a primary cellulite treatment! You may decide on getting liposuction to help contour your body. But don't ever be fooled into thinking it can remove the fat that's responsible for cellulite.

Having a healthy diet doesn't mean you won't get cellulite either. There are no known anti-cellulite foods. There are no known anti-cellulite supplements. But a good diet can mean less stored fat, which also means less chances of aggravating the cellulite.

Finally, it is always believed that cellulite only happens in women. In reality, men can get cellulite too! Men would normally get cellulite on the neck and abdominal areas. One of the main reasons why most men don't seem to get the orange-peel look is because of their anatomy. The connective tissue in women forms a matrix pattern while men have a firmer crisscross pattern.

So there you have it! Five cellulite myths busted. While it may have dashed the hopes of women (and men) all over the world for an easy cure, it doesn't mean that there is no cure at all. Since most other people are bound to have it, we can rest assured though that we aren't alone in suffering with cellulite.

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