How To Prevent Hair Loss In Women

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  • Published March 27, 2008
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There's many ways of how to prevent hair loss in women. I'll be discussing them and pay attention students, take notes. Seriously though, every woman should listen because you could be the statistic, you could be the one in the family that loses her hair and self-confidence along with it. Surely you don't want that to be on you for the rest of your life do you? Well, there are plenty of things to do to keep that beautiful hair up there for a long time, perhaps the rest of your life if you do the right things and maintain it correctly. It's very simple and easy. It all starts with you wanting to take the time out of your day to do these things.

There are many things that cause hair loss in women. A sudden loss in hormone levels can cause this. It can be lost after the birth of a child because of the loss of hormones in the delivery of the placenta. One cause is the sudden discontinuation of birth control pills. A high fever can cause you to lose hair. Trauma caused by surgery can cause you to lose hair. Lots of women go to extremes on dieting that can cause them to lose their hair as well.

You can take care of your hair by actually paying less attention to it. By that I mean less perming, coloring and so on. Don't over brush; yes you can over brush your hair. Try not to blow dry or curl your hair as much, heat is the enemy. Try wearing a bathing cap while swimming and washing immediately after, chlorine is very bad for the hair up there.

If you are on a diet you should take multivitamin supplements. There are plenty out there just for this. Avoid drinking a lot of alcohol or putting alcohol on the hair. It can make hair dry and brittle. Watch out for tight pony tails and braids, they can put unwarranted stress on hair causing it to fall out. Try not to use these crash diets; losing too much weight too quickly can be bad for your hair. Certain medications can be bad for your hair so always check with your physician or pharmacist. If you experience unexplained hair loss, contact your physician immediately.

Women with beautiful hair are everywhere. A wonderful head of hair is great on the eyes, so keep it that way. Just simple things can save that hair and make for a great lifestyle. Try not to damage your hair and just pay attention to it. Be careful with it and treat it well. There's no need to overdo it with the color or perms ladies. Just let your hair flow and be natural with it. In the long run you'll keep all of your hair and be much happier for it.

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