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  • Published July 23, 2008
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If you've gotten to the point where stress is killing you (and even if it's not), a few instant relaxation exercises could come in very handy!

Of course, managing stress in your life means balancing your life with pleasurable, relaxing activities to counteract negativity and stress. It sure doesn't do anyone any good to keep it all bottled up until it boils up and blows your head right off! It's messy too.

Stress is a part of life whether it's positive stress or negative stress. An example of positive stress could come from the challenge of playing a game. Negative stress could come from working at a job you don't enjoy.

Especially with negative stress, it's essential to have some things to do that act as a "pressure relief valve." Here are a few suggestions for some instant relaxation exercises to help you.

  • Go take a walk

Get out and look around at things in your environment. Stress tends to draw our attention inward, so this instant relaxation exercise will go a long way towards "chilling you out." This is nice to do with your mate or family or by yourself, whatever is most relaxing for you. Don't walk with your head down, thinking about the things that are stressing you out! Look around at your environment and do this until you feel refreshed. If you're stuck inside, at least find a window and look out for a few minutes.

  • Laugh!

Laughing is probably the most instant relaxation exercise and stress buster of all. We all find different things funny, so whatever makes you laugh, keep those things easy to access and refer to them when you need to destress. For example, I found some Steve Martin clips on YouTube and boy, they get me rolling!

  • Smile

This is deceptively effective and very simple. It's fantastic as an instant relaxation exercise and doing it may very well cause you to start laughing! Just smile and keep on smiling at least until you feel more relaxed. Try this out for yourself and see what happens!

  • Close your eyes and take a few deep, natural breaths

When you experience stress, your muscles tense up and your breathing becomes more shallow and rapid. This can increase tension even more and reduces the amount of oxygen you're taking into your lungs, which your body needs to create energy. Breathe naturally and deeply through your nose (breathing through your nose helps you breathe more deeply and is more natural). Try not to force yourself! That will defeat the purpose.

  • Recall a time when you felt good

Recalling pleasant moments won't necessarily solve the problem that may be causing you stress, but it will help you feel better and more able to deal with it. Try to do this one in a relatively distraction-free place -- go into the bathroom if that's the only quiet place around!

Finding ways to relax to counteract stress is vital to your mental and physical health. The more you practice relaxing yourself, the easier it becomes and the better you will feel.

These instant relaxation exercises can be done practically anywhere and it sure beats the ol' stress monster into submission for awhile!

B. B. Martin is passionate about health education. Her research and writing on the subject began with her own personal need for useful information on improving health.

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