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  • Author Holly Eddins
  • Published August 6, 2008
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It seems as though many I’ve talked with lately who use products made from Dead Sea salts and minerals, came upon the products accidentally. One customer who was recently in Jordon ran out of her normal lotion on her trip. She picked up some lotion made from Dead Sea minerals at her hotel. Little did she know at the time but would soon become hooked on the amazing nature of the products.

This is nothing new. Since the age of Cleopatra, the soothing and healing benefits of Dead Sea minerals have been no secret. For most of us we don’t have the luxury to go to the Dead Sea and experience this first hand. So, manufacturers from the area are crafting products that we can use in the comfort of our home that give us the benefits from these salts and minerals.

What are products made from the Dead Sea?

The Dead Sea region is considered to be the area between Jordon and Israel. It is the lowest inhabited place on earth. Because of the unique conditions the region offers, the sea contains a diverse number of minerals. These include Magnesium (salts), Potassium, Calcium and Bromide. The Dead Sea contains the highest combination of mineral compared to any other body of water on earth.

Scientists have been able to extract these mineral and formulate them into products that stimulate our skin’s cells allowing it to "heal" itself. Bathing has become a necessary evil in our daily routines. We must shower to keep clean so that our family and co-workers can be near us but in the process we are washing away natural oils produced by our skin and causing it to dry out. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of our skin in other ways.

What makes Dead Sea Products so special?

The all natural nature and the fact that these products are not tested on animals are two big reasons to put these products on the top of your list! But putting all that aside, being able to use these products in your home is revolutionary. If you were able to go to a spa at the Dead Sea you are going to pay between $50 and $100 for once facial. For much less than that, you can treat your skin on a regular basis using a combination of a mud mask, a facial cleanser, toner and a moisturizing cream..

What types of products are there?

Common believed benefits from Dead Sea Salts and Minerals include the following: acne fighting, alleviation of effects from Psoriasis and Eczema, Anti-Wrinkle and Anti-Aging through collagen stimulation, cellulite creams as well as the general maintenance and revitalization of your skin.

You might think these products are only for women. But men are now finding the Dead Sea products to provide supreme benefits to their skin as well. Products that include anti-aging, after shave balms, lotions for problem areas like hands and feet as well as other products are specially formulated for a man’s body.

I promise if you try out any number of these extraordinary Dead Sea Products, you will never use another product line again!

Holly learned about proper skin care when she started modeling at an early age. Through the years it has always been an important regiment in her life. If you want to learn more about treating your skin properly, visit her website at http://www.deadseanaturalskincare.com

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