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  • Published August 27, 2008
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Premature aging is a common cosmetic problem in our era. Stress filled schedules, which almost necessitate negligence towards our bodies and wanton pollution causes the skin to lose its elasticity and radiance. There are several cosmetic procedures which promise a solution to these problems. Lifestyle Lift is one that delivers. It is a safe, inexpensive and fast cosmetic procedure, which endows new firmness and glow to the skin.

Who can go for a Lifestyle Lift?

Virtually anyone who suffers from premature skin aging can go for a Lifestyle Lift. The average age of persons who undergo the procedure usually ranges between forty years to sixty years. This is because it is at this age that the skin begins to wrinkle, sag and deteriorate due to the combined effects of gravity, pollution and overall negligence. That is not to say that persons below forty and above sixty cannot opt for it. Anyone with the aforementioned problems, including cosmetic birth defects, can undergo a Lifestyle Lift. However the best results are observed within the forty to sixty age groups. The reason for this is that the skin has greater potential for recovery and improvement at a younger age. True aging, stress and sun damage that come with age are things that no cosmetic procedure can avert. However, Lifestyle Lift offers the best possible solution with the least possible hassle.

Pre and Post Lifestyle Lift Precautions

Having said that lifestyle lift is a safer procedure owing to the fact that is uses local anesthesia and is less invasive unlike traditional facelift procedures, there are certain safety precautions that one must undertake both before and after the actual Lifestyle Lift procedure. The Lifestyle Lift procedure is performed usually by a person authorized by The American Board of Plastic Surgery, The American Board of Facial Plastic Surgery or The American Board of Otolaryngology Facial Plastic Surgery. Over and above this the person must be a trained and certified Lifestyle Lift practitioner. Till date seventy-two practitioners have undergone Lifestyle Lift training. For adequate information, one is advised to contact the nearest Lifestyle Lift Centre from among the several located throughout the United States. It is through these centers that safe and sure Lifestyle Lift practice can be ensured.

Further, one must also take several precautions and safety measures after the Lifestyle Lift procedure has been performed. Exposure to the sun, which can cause damage and re-wrinkling, should be kept at a minimum and in case of such exposure, adequate protection such as sunglasses, sunblocks, or hats should be used. An adequate and balanced diet must be maintained as it is necessary for healthy skin. Smoking should also be avoided as it damages the skin. Adequate rest is also a necessary precondition for post-Lifestyle lift recovery.

Be safe be Sure

If the aforementioned precautions are kept in mind and followed to the book, Lifestyle Lift can be a very safe procedure. It is safer than traditional cosmetic procedures as it uses local anesthesia and its incisions are much less invasive, making the process of healing faster. Always ensure that you are getting the procedure done by an authorized practitioner and follow the post-procedure guidelines. Be safe. Be sure.

The Lifestyle Lift can boost one’s self-esteem in a dramatic manner without having to spend a fortune. Therefore, all the current Lifestyle Lift problems can be solved for good.

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