Weight Gain Tips for Hard Gainers

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  • Author Jason Szova
  • Published September 8, 2008
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Hey skinny Hard Gainer are you having trouble gaining weight? Do you eat all the time and workout but you can't gain any decent muscle mass no matter what you do?

If your like many of the hard gainers I've meet ,your doing everything but nothing seems to help. Do this tips and break the cycle...

Major Tip for the skinny guy "AKA Hard Gainer"

Record Everything You Do.

This should be a given. If you ever want to gain any muscle or any weight at all, you need to start writing down every thing your doing. This is so you can really pin point where you are lacking and fix your weak spots. An example of this is I was talking to a Hard Gainer guy one day doing a fitness test with him and asked him to track what he ate everyday for 7 days. At the end of the 7 days I looked over the sheet and every thing was good, except on one of the days he only ate one meal. We I told him that that was his problem. Not being consistent enough with his eating caused him to not gain enough weight for the week.

He thanked me and began to track his workouts as well over the next 8 weeks he worked out on a structured program and began to gain weight in fact he gained0 pounds of know muscle over a period of around three months.

My point is guys it you know what you are doing wrong you can fix it. If you don't know what your doing or where your going how do you ever expect to get there.

Weight Gain Tips for the AKA "Hard Gainer"

  1. The First thing you should do is set a realistic goal for yourself, Say I want to gain 10 pounds of new muscle in the next 60 days.

  2. Put it everywhere so you can remind yourself of that goal.On your fridge, On a white board, In a note pad. On your computer screen. Anywhere where you can find it.

  3. Track everything you do. Everyday even if you don't work out that day.

  4. Be consistent in doing this everyday and hold yourself accountable every week.

  5. Make sure people around you know your goals and support you in them.

  6. Put one foot in front of the other everyday of the week.

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