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  • Published September 14, 2008
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Semi permanent make-up another name for micro pigmentation enhances your natural looks. It’s a process where hypoallergenic pigments are inserted into the dermal layer of the skin using thin needles and this pigment will stay in the skin for a number of years, fading with time depends on the age and skin type of the client. The needle is housed in a motor chamber, to let the needle to enter the skin speedily. Various recommendations are made to endure the infection control techniques.

All of the semi permanent make-up premises must be registered with the local council. The premises must be in a hygienic condition. Beside that a hand basin with hot and cold running water is also required in the premises.

Semi permanent make-up fades over time as the pigment is inserted only into the higher layer of the dermis. For this semi permanent make up eyebrows, eyes, lips and the focal points of the facial expression are the prime targets.

By this semi permanent make-up the shape of your lips can be improved and other imperfections can be corrected also. Beside that eyes can be given a new definition by creating a fine line close to the upper and lower lashes.

This semi permanent make up is good for those who live active lives, who are allergic to cosmetics, who have some difficulty applying make-up and for those also who wear contact lenses. Semi permanent makeup offers a choice before you decide to have any sort of beauty therapy.

As semi permanent make up is not permanent and can be removed, so it must be reapplied every so often to maintain your desired look. This is great for those who want to try permanent make up but are not ready to do so.

The price for having this semi permanent make-up is not fixed so first compare the cost and facilities offered by different experts and then opts for the best to get what you pay for.

So prior going for semi permanent make up you should try some websites that give you many offers with best services at fewer prices. These semi permanent make up providers also offers you free consultation that would be beneficial for you.

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Semi permanent make-up is form of skin tattoo and our semi permanent make-up technician is providing permanent make-up, camouflage make-up, cosmetic tattoo, medical tattoo and more.

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